Mavs And Wiz Talk It Up In 'Quoteboard'

Why do we eavesdrop on the Mavs and the Wizards after Monday's 102-92 home win at the AAC? Because thanks to Quoteboard, that is what we live for.

Skilled yet unpolished, young, hungry, athletic, talented -- the visit from the Washington Wizards had "trap" written all over. The The Dallas Mavericks almost got caught, with some silly turnovers and missed free throws. Almost. Dallas showed Washington the door, 102-92. The Wiz stay winless as visitors, the Mavs sweep the homestand, and now it's time to hit the road.


About a certain amount of, well, laziness out of the gate -- about three minutes into the second the Mavs went down 37-25 . . .
"There was just not a lot of energy going. They got whatever they wanted." -Dirk Nowitzki

. . . which led to a Dallas timeout . . .
"(Coach) was frustrated and he had a right to be frustrated. We were making some mental mistakes out there, lack of focus." -Tyson Chandler

"I was pissed. Really as pissed as I've been all year." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Wait-- Rick Carlisle a clipboard smasher?
"We know coach is a passionate guy and wants us to win. If that's the way he's feeling at the time, if he feels like we're not giving a valid effort or our mental focus isn't there, he's got the right to do that." -Tyson Chandler

"The reason I was pissed is because I care about these guys. I believe in what we can be. I'm going to tell them what's on my mind. I'm going to tell them what's right and they can disagree if they want to, but I'm all about trying to help them win. Right now, that's all this is about." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding Brian Cardinal -- slotted into the starting lineup and scoring nine plus doing unlovely grunt work . . .
"Cardinal did a great job. He has not been playing at all in any of the games, and he was ready to step in and start, knock down shots, defend and get rebounds. And he took one or two charges. He is a constant. We know what he's going to do out there and it gives us a great option." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Anytime that you make a change, you get worried a little bit, but the team stayed focused. Brian Cardinal, the ultimate professional, was really knocking down shots and turned the game around for us." -Tyson Chandler

"It's a privilege to be here with the Mavs. And anything I can do to help us win, whether it be diving on the floor, taking a charge or trying to get a stop on defense, I'll be more than happy to do it." -Brian Cardinal

On the just plain wonderfulness of Tyson Chandler . . .
"He's the best center in the West. I mean, you name another center in the West that's better than him, night in and night out." -Jason Terry

"Eighteen points and eighteen rebounds is an unbelievable line for 30 minutes of play. He always gives everything that he has out there." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About diversifying his game, or hitting the elbow jumper . . .
"We're doing it a lot. The difference is, normally I work on it all offseason and then the coaches don't run any plays for me, so I just stop working on it and it goes away. Here they have confidence in me. The coaches work with me every day, and Coach is like, 'If you work on it every day I'm gonna throw it in there.'" He had the confidence to draw up that play, and now I'm knocking it down." -Tyson Chandler

The dagger shot, and a strange interlude just before -- the ball bounced over the backboard and the Wizards thought it went out . . .
"They didn't make the call. Even though they didn't make it, you've still got to play until you hear the whistle. It was a big possession and they got the 3. It was tough for us to come back from there." -John Wall

"That was the game. We had other opportunities that didn't go and we had other chances to get stops that we couldn't finish off. But that's the decisive shot and it was huge.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

Thoughts on the homestand just completed . . .
"It was a good homestand. We accomplished our goal; we wanted to win all of the games. None of them were easy and we knew that they would not be. We are working on our health, the rhythm of our team and our defense and we will continue to do that. We have a little momentum and we want to bring it on the road." -Coach Rick Carlisle

A side note from the boss about Dirk playing overseas if there's a work stoppage next year . . .
"Discussing hypotheticals about hypotheticals is not worth presenting a hypothetical for. He's just considering all the hypothetical options.'' -Mark Cuban

And personal pleas about Tyson Chandler . . .
"I sent an e-mail to the league saying in the event you need to consider other options for center for the Western Conference All-Stars, please consider our world championship team member and all-around good guy, Tyson Chandler." -Mark Cuban

"He's an All-Star! He's an All-Star! Coaches you gotta vote him into that game!" -Jason Terry

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