Who Deserves The Dirkie For Mavs-Wiz?

A lot of Mavs deserve a gold star for having won five consecutive games. But only one Mav can win 'The Dirkie' for this win over the Wizards? Who shall it be? You decide!

Alright, check this out. The Dallas Mavericks are at home. Washington Wizards have not won on the road this year. Not once. As tonight proved, it isn't for lack of trying and they will get a road win sooner or later. Just not tonight. The homestand finishes at 4-0, and we've got a shiny Dirkie for the finest Mav of the night.

Who's finest tonight, guys?

Player of the Game, Mavericks v. Wizards ... You Vote!

Jason Kidd -- one board shy of a triple-double

Dirk Nowitzki -- slowly returning to Uber-normal

Tyson Chandler -- 18-18, All Star double-double

Shawn Marion -- Sixth Man A, 14 points and 9 rebounds

Jason Terry -- Sixth Man B, 14 points and 8 assists

Brian Cardinal -- dirty work in the trenches

Ian Mahinmi -- lovely block

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