Mavs Over NY: Who Deserves The Dirkie?

The Mavericks have won six straight - which means you get to vote on the Player of the Game and select a sixth straight Dirkie!

The Knicks are hot. Really hot. Amar'e Stoudemire's been voted as a starting All-Star, his name is in the MVP conversation, the Garden's well-supplied with celebs and enthusiastic fans. Which is nice -- the Knicks fanbase deserves some fun times. Just not tonight. Leaving aside garbage time and subtract some bad turnovers, we might've had another fifty-point win on our hands. But this win was just fine. And the Dirkie goes too . . .

Somebody gimme an envelope.

Dallas Mavericks 113, New York Knicks 97 - Vote for your Player of the Game here!

Dirk Nowitzki -- a proper Ubermanly double-double

Jose Juan Barea -- 7-12 FG% for 22 points

Tyson Chandler -- 15 points and 11 boards (All-Star)

DeShawn Stevenson -- why does he get left open?

Jason Kidd -- 6-6-10 plus steal

Jason Terry -- 12 points and four assists

Shawn Marion -- rotton shooting, but ten boards

Brendan Haywood -- don't tread on 'Wood

Brian Cardinal -- three assist chipper-inner

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