You Vote On Player of the Game, Mavs-Celtics

TD Banknorth Garden - lair of the Boston Celtics -- is one of the NBAs deep-sea trenches. Going in is a guarantee of pain, and getting out is not certain. Yet our guys swim out the winners, 101-97. For the most excellent and awesome, there's the Dirkie.

Well? Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics ... and you vote here!

Jason Kidd -- did *you* see that shot?

Dirk Nowitzki -- 29 points while tango-ing with KG

Tyson Chandler -- whaddaya *mean* he's not an All-Star?

Shawn Marion -- 13 points, 9 boards

Jason Terry -- 17 points and a couple steals

Jose Juan Barea -- started and chalked up eleven

DeShawn Stevenson -- early threes and offensive boards

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