Which Mav Would Be The Best Broadcaster?

Mavs play-by-play voice Mark Followill takes your questions and gives you insight into the Mavs: Peja tonight? Road-game restaurants? Which Mav would make the best announcer?

1 "Your quick thoughts on Peja tonight?'' – KB

FOLLOWILL: My take on Peja is that he will probably be brought in very slowly. That's the way Rick Carlisle has operated in the past: Get him on the floor, see how his knee and his body react – and say, "It's the beginning of a process.'' Which it is.

"So I would think his appearance tonight will be limited. Anything exceeding 15 or 16 minutes would come as a surprise. But I'll stand my what I've said: In the NBA, shooters like this are a commodity. If Peja is reasonably close to where he's been before, the Mavs have something of value here.

2 "I keep hearing Barea's name mispronounced by other play-by-play men. As an announcer, do you get any guidance before the game on how to pronounce unusual or foreign names?'' -- Yellowshirt

FOLLOWILL: The NBA has a guide and every team has game notes that spell everything out. If I ever have any has questions, I always ask the other teams' announcers. I don't want get ‘em wrong. We all make mistakes, but you sure want to cover your bases on that. On JJ, of course, even Avery use to get it wrong!

3 "When on the road, what are your favorite place to eat? - Barry Mikhal

FOLLOWILL: First thing that comes to mind is In-and-Out Burger. When we go to the West Coast, that always jazzes me. You can't go wrong when you're in New Orleans to go to The Palace Café. In Portland, when we want to treat ourselves to a nice meal, it's Jake's Seafood Grill. In San Antonio, Rosario's or Boudro's. In Indianapolis, we go to St. Elmo's Steakhouse. It's the greatest shrimp cocktail in the world! And then in Memphis, we like Rendezvous BBQ.

4 "What arena is the hardest one for you to do your broadcasts?" - Tech

FOLLOWILL: Good question. Philly poses challenges because they've moved us far off the floor, into the upper part of the lower bowl. In Utah, the space to work in is really crowded, a tight fit. But I overlook that because the atmosphere there is so great …

And by the way, the best places to work a game: Madison Square Garden and Staples Center. There really is an electricity in places like that.

5 "Mark, we appreciate having you here on DB.com. Which current Mav player would make the best announcer?'' -- Mak

FOLLOWILL: I'd have to say at this point it's probably a three-man race. In no particular order:

*Caron Butler is in the conversation. He worked for a quarter with Coop and Brad last week and he got rave reviews from Coop.

*Brian Cardinal would be great, in part because he doesn't take himself too seriously but he takes his job seriously. He got to play last week against Washington, and I asked him about being ready to go, and he said he's always ready because "This team is trying to win a championship and I don't want to be the weakest link.'' I think he would take that same approach to a broadcast booth.

* Given Dirk's smash performance with us vs. Toronto, he'd obviously do a great job. He's got a great sense of humor. Sometimes we all get to see it, sometimes we don't, but trust me, it's there. He's an incredibly honest guy, too, which would be an asset. And he's got enthusiasm – "Take That Wit Chew!''

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