He Can Do That: Roddy B, Ortegel & DoJo News

A trio of Tuesday afternoon tales: FREE RODDY B realized, "Exit The DoJo'' and the departure of iconic Mavs voice Bob Ortegel.

The Foot Gods Giveth…

Hope is alive and well for the Dallas Mavericks as Roddy Beaubois practiced for the first time all year following a broken foot sustained in August and then a "setback" during rehab. Tuesday's was a shortened practice, but the fact that Roddy B was on the floor at all is great news for MFFLs everywhere. The practice was need-based as it only consisted of simple transition defense work, but Jason Terry had a few words that have to make Mavs fans crack a smile.

"Roddy looked good,'' Jet said. "Roddy's as quick as ever. That's the thing that sets him apart from other guards in this league is speed and quickness. Add to the fact that he can shoot the ball with the best of them. Hey, he's going to be a force. He's going to be a presence for us."

It's OK to smile at that.

Even though the Mavs seem to play so many things close to the vest (See Bob Ortegel below), it's difficult for even them to deny how close Beaubois is to returning to action. Coach Rick Carlisle made it clear that Roddy B wouldn't necessarily play in any of the games on the upcoming road trip, even though he could join them in Houston.

We're not completely sure what it accomplishes to have him join the trip if he's not going to play, but we'll take it.

For weeks Roddy B had looked more spry and agile in post-practice shootarounds and it was only a matter of time before he joined in on higher contact practices. The fact that he stayed back home on the previous road trip in order to work on conditioning and to practice plays with assistant coaches was also a sign of progress. It will still be quite a while before Roddy B is conditioned to regularly contribute to an elite team, but the point is Roddy B is no longer just a mythical creature in Mavs lore. He's real.

Hope is a good thing.

…The Foot Gods Taketh Away.

For all of the good news today involving Beaubois, it was bittersweet due to the news that rookie guard Dominique Jones will be out for an unspecified amount of time with a stress fracture in his foot. It's unclear when the injury took place since he was in uniform last night and seemed ready to play if needed.

Dojo is averaging only 7.5 minutes per game with 2.3 points and 1.4 rebounds on the year, but he hasn't played in 10 of the last 12 games. In the 2 games in which he saw action he only had six total minutes.

Upon his return this season, if he does return, don't be surprised to see him with the Texas Legends Down on the Farm (Update coming Thursday).

He Can Do That.

Bob Ortegel has been an iconic fixture with the Mavs for 23 years. Our friend and DB.com contributor has parted ways with the Mavs and now will no longer be part of the Mavericks broadcasts.
"I'm extremely grateful for the 23 years I've been with the Mavericks," Ortegel said tonight. "It's always been about the people. The people, players coaches, usher at the arena. ... they've all made this a wonderful experience."
Coach O worked the Jan. 27 game against the Rockets. We are told that after that, owner Mark Cuban wanted to "experiment'' with the use of Derek Harper in his place for at least one game. After that one game came a Mavs road trip and inclement weather in North Texas that made it difficult for all parties to get back on the same page. On that road trip, Harper was not available so radio sidekick Brad Davis moved to TV to work alongside Mark Followill. Cuban apparently discussed with Ortegel the possibility of Bob moving to the radio side but no agreement was reached.
"Bob has been an amazing part of the Mavs organization for 23 years,'' Cuban wrote in an email to Tim MacMahon. "He has represented us not only in media, but to organizations across the country. We were hoping for him to stay, but the door is always open to him to return. We wish him nothing but the best."

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