User-Friendly Guide To Mavs Trade Exceptions

In terms of trades, is there a greater possibility that the Mavs do something smaller? Here's your User-Friendly Guide To The Mavs' Trade Exceptions – and a complete list Of potential targets from every NBA roster that includes our quickie evaluations:

As you are likely aware, looking beyond the larger trades, such as Carmelo Anthony, there stands the possibility that Dallas may do nothing in the market prior to the deadline. There also lingers the greater possibility for a smaller move, something that may be able to get done with nothing more than one of the Mavericks' trade exceptions, of which they have four.

They are:

$4.3 million from Matt Carroll expires July 13, 2011.

$3 million from Eduardo Najera expires July 13, 2011.

$1,033,342 for Quinton Ross expires Feb. 14, 2011.

$1,467,840 for Alexis Ajinca expires late January 2012.

The exception created from the Kris Humphries deal has already expired.

We will include a near complete list, excluding particularly valuable players or those still performing under their rookie scale contracts while carrying significant value.

However, let us first pick from that list to narrow the possible window to some degree by focusing on the teams David Lord previously highlighted, those likely to be looking to shed salary as well as those players that would fit a direct need.

Those teams listed by David were: Washington, Memphis, Charlotte, Toronto, Indiana, New York and Philadelphia. Due to their likely desire to shed payroll from a sinking ship, we'll also include Cleveland.

Left off completely were teams extremely unlikely to pursue savings while surrendering a player to Dallas, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Spurs or Heat.

For the purposes of this article, the areas of need will be defined as forward depth, particularly at small forward, backup point guard and scorers.

The players fitting this criteria while having contracts falling within the limits of the Mavs largest trade exception ($4.3 million) are broken down into three categories below with players that fit in multiple categories only being listed once.

Also note, just because a player is included is not an implication towards their availability or the Mavs interest, and some may require other incentives for the team to part with said player … likely a small separate deal in which Dallas would send cash, draft picks or take on a separate unwanted contract.

This is meant to merely act as a cheat sheet for those wondering what may be out there, and makes no assumptions beyond those stated above.

Players that both play for a team mentioned above and fill a need:

Player (Team)

Remaining Contract Including Current Season (in millions)

Ramon Sessions (CLE)

$3.96, $4.26, $4.55

Anthony Parker (CLE)


Jamario Moon (CLE)

$2.97, $3.19 (team option)

Kelenna Azubuike (NY)


Anthony Randolph (NY)

$1.96, $2.9

Roger Mason (NY)


Spencer Hawes (PHI)


Yi Jianlian (WAS)


Josh Howard (WAS)


Al Thornton (WAS)

$2.8, $3.9 (team option)

Players that fill one of the above criteria, either fill a need OR play for one of the noted teams:

Player (Team)

Remaining Contract Including Current Season (in millions)

Eduardo Najera (CHA)

$2.8, $2.6

Dahntay Jones (IND)

$2.5, $2.7, $2.9 (player option)

Will Bynum (DET)

$3.5, $3.5, $3.5

Chris Wilcox (DET)


Rodney Stuckey (DET)


Dorell Wright (GS)

$3.5, $3.8, $4.1

Terrence Williams (HOU)

$2.2, $2.4, $3.1 (team option)

Courtney Lee (HOU)

$1.35, $2.22

Rasual Butler (LAC)


Tony Allen (MEM)

$3, $3.15, $3.3

Hamed Haddadi (MEM)


Randy Foye (LAC)

$4.25, $4.25

Keyon Dooling (MIL)

$2, $2.16

Earl Boykins (MIL)


Luke Ridnour (MIN)

$4, $3.68, $4, $4.32

Johhny Flynn (MIN)

$3.19, $3.4, $4.3 (team option)

Sebastion Telfair (MIN)


Ronny Turiaf (NY)

$4, $4.36 (player option)

Anthony Morrow (NJ)

$4,$4, $4

Jordan Farmar (NJ)

$3.75, $4, $4.25

Chris Duhon (ORL)

$3.25, $3.46, $3.68, $3.92

Quentin Richardson (ORL)

$2.26, $2.45, $2.63, $2.8 (player option)

Brandon Bass (ORL)

$4, $4, $4 (player option)

Tony Battie (PHI)


Rudy Fernandez (POR)

$1.25, $2.18

Carl Landry (SAC)


Omri Casspi (SAC)

$1.25, $1.34, $2.27 (team option)

Grant Hill (PHO)


Jared Dudley (PHO)

$2.15, $4.25, $4.25, $4.25, $4.25, $4.25 (player option)

Hakim Warrick (PHO)

$4, $4.3, $4.6, $4.9

Ryan Gomes (LAC)

$4, $4, $4

The Rest: Don't play for specified team or particularly fill one of the stated needs, but do fit under the Mavs TE:

Player (TEAM)

Remaining Contract Including Current Season (in millions)

Zaza Pachulia (ATL)

$ 4.25, $4.75, $5.25

Ryan Hollins (CLE)

$2.3, $2.48 (player option)

Leon Powe (CLE)


Chris Andersen (DEN)

$3.94, $4.23, $4.52,$4.82

Ben Wallace (DET)

$2.08, $2.25

Charlie Bell (GS)

$3.8, $4.09

Brandon Wright (GS)


Louis Amundson (GS)

$2.22, $2.40 (player option)

Chuck Hayes (HOU)


Craig Smith (LAC)


Carlos Delfino (MIL)

$3.5, $3.5 (team option)

Anthony Tolliver (MIN)

$2.2, $2.05

Kosta Koufos (MIN)

$1.3, $2.20

Kris Humphries (NJ)


Johan Petro (NJ)

$3.25, $3.25, $3.5

Willie Green (NO)


David Andersen (NO)

$2.5, $2.7 (team option)

Marco Belinelli (NO)


Jason Smith (NO)


Jason Thompson (SAC)

$2.18, $3

CJ Miles (UTA)

$3.7, $3.7 (team option)

And there you have it. Clip-and-save it. Magnetize it to your fridge. We'll keep you updated.

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