The Velvet Rope: Friday Morning Mavs Donuts Shout-outs from Bill Simmons and Mike Rhyner? (Really!) ‘Melo's mind as it applies to Mavs 121, Nugs 120? Jerry Sloan vs. Deron Williams? Your free admittance inside the Mavs' Velvet Rope? It's Friday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: We have written this a few times: What Carmelo Anthony wants to do, and where and when he wants to do it, changes depends on which member of his entourage answers the phone.

‘Melo himself answered the phone on Wednesday, and guess what?

He said that he'll consider signing a contract extension with the Nuggets.

Anthony said he would "take a real hard look" at signing a three-year, $65 million extension with the Nuggets if he isn't dealt by the NBA's Feb. 24 deadline, according to the Denver Post.

But ...

Last night before the TNT broadcast, Cheryl Miller reported that she asked 'Melo about his future.

"It's out of my hands,'' he said ... and somehow two different 'Melos answered the phone in two different days.

We've written this before, too, but we will reiterate it as well: The smartest people in the NBA (or at least the smartest we talk to) have always been astounded at ‘Melo's unwillingness to re-up in Denver. Denver is not NY … but the Nuggets are a contending team and that $65-mil payday, signed before the coming labor strife, gives him money he may not necessarily see again.

And while we are patting ourselves on the back: We educated-guessed that ‘Melo-to-the-Lakers was some sort of ploy/joke, and now even Anthony himself agrees.

"I've never heard of that,'' he said. "That was a new one," he said. "Every day is something different. I guess now is the Lakers."

Of course, "every day is something different'' in large part because the ‘Melo camp is offering up different answers every day. The only thing known for certain about Anthony now is that he was in Denver last night, scoring 42 points almost at will … and that even after he fouled out, the Mavs found a way to lose.

DONUT 2: Thanks to Bill Simmons for his recent podcast plug (of sorts) of our humble work here.

"The website,'' The Sports Guy said. "I'll give em a plug … I enjoy their Fox News coverage of Cuban.''

DONUT 3: Meanwhile, our friend (and contributor) Mark Followill was on 1310 The Ticket yesterday and when he rattled off the names of places to get great Mavs coverage he highlighted

I'm told that when you listen to the audio, it sounds like Rhyner is about spit up a lung upon hearing the name of The Enemy. But at least The Old Gray Wolf didn't fire Followill for his Fish-related impudence or anything.

DONUT 4: There have been 247 head coaching changes in the NBA since Jerry Sloan took over in Utah on Dec. 9, 1988. Sloan quit the Jazz yesterday after an in-house dispute that involved our old pal Deron Williams, the team's star point guard. A power struggle of sorts.

Do the Dallas Mavericks catch any breaks out of this?

If you are referring to the Feb. 23 home game against the Jazz on Deadline Eve? Yeah, that could be a night to catch Utah in post-Sloan disarray.

Or do you mean the other thing?

Will the whole program crumble, leaving the star player wanting to leave, too?

There is the "daydream break,'' the one that makes the headline-grabbing Nash-comes-home-to-Dallas daydream meaningless …

DONUT 5: So it was either gonna be Sloan or D-Will. That town wasn't big enough for the both of ‘em. No, really, it's Salt Lake City. It truly isn't big enough for the both of ‘em.

One of them had to go.

As a Mavs follower who'd like to see The Colony product back here (for more than just offseasons, when he still lives in his hometown), I wish it wouldn't have been Sloan who was the one who had to go, you know?

Williams? Melo? The Mavs' pursuit of Chris Paul? All worth a shot.

But let's made sure we don't twist this thing backwards: Sloan's departure doesn't DECREASE the chances of D-Will staying in Utah. It's design to INCREASE the chances of keeping him happy.

That's the whole point.

DONUT 6: In response to the skillions of requests I get daily wondering, "Hey, Fish … What's behind that Premium Velvet Rope?'' … Here. Walk on in. You don't even have to tip me that dime.

Unless you happen to think the experience is worth it.

DONUT 7: So you're a big MFFL, eh? Here's how to stay in touch:

* Boards

* Mavs coverage on Twitter

* Friending Fish on Facebook.

DONUT 8: Want the quickie recap of last night's 121-120 loss at Denver? Mavs fell behind early. Big. Somehow eventually led 103-90 with 8:44 left in the game. And they were up 119-110 with 2:51 remaining, too. And they were up in the final seconds – with ‘Melo having fouled out. And then Dirk misses FTs and Afflalo made a buzzer shot, there's nothing to do but move on and look to start another 10-game streak against the Rockets Saturday night.

I mean, we've got deeper coverage all over today. But if you want to avoid deep depression, there you go.

DONUT 9: Mario Mendoza was a good-field/no-hit shortstop in the 1970's who George Brett used as the symbol of offensive incompetence. Brett mentioned it to ESPN's Chris Berman and it took off: "The Mendoza Line'' was originally all about the point at which the newspaper would cease listing players' batting average – at a lousy .200. …

Or right about where Mendoza usually seemed to end up.

You didn't want to be at or below "The Mendoza Line.'' (In 1981, Mendoza played for the Texas Rangers and was batting .118 when he was released.)

And now has learned at what point the Mavs' endless search for the two-way/create-his-own/star-quality 2-guard reaches its depth.

"The Mayo Line.'' Want the whole story, plus the latest on the Rockets' search for a center and how Brendan Haywood compares to their candidates? Go Mavs and Go Premium!

DONUT 10: This is the power of The 75-Member Staff: Meiz' gets out the measuring stick to compare the combined heights of the Mavs' and every other teams' starting lineups. Impressive piece of rulering there, brother!

DONUT 11: In the middle of last week's snowstorm, I had a coupon I'd clipped from the newspaper. I went to Tom Thumb to buy some eggs. I guess the delivery man was snowed in, because Tom Thumb didn't have any eggs.

They did have cartons of liquid eggwhites. And the manager did tell me he would honor my coupon in the future ... and then he said he'd even give me THREE cartons of eggs in exchange for my coupon.


I angrily declined. And you know what else I did? I filed a $5 million lawsuit against that little Tom Thumb bastard.

DONUT 12: Dirk will get a chance to defend his "Mixed-Triples'' (or whatever it's called) championship during All-Star Weekend.

The UberMan will be part of Team Texas again for the Haier Shooting Stars competition on All-Star Saturday. Nowitzki's squad won last season. This year it'll be San Antonio Silver Stars' Roneeka Hodges and ex-Rocket and TNT analyst Kenny Smith as Dirk's mates.

You don't look very excited.

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