Dirk's 'Take That Wit Chew' T-Shirt Is Here!

He took the microphone. He shouted out an instant catchphrase. 'TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!' We showed him the design. And then Dirk Nowitzki said something else: 'Fish, where can I get one of those t-shirts?' Donuts for Dirk and more ...

DONUT 1: It happened completely by accident, as the very best of these sorts of things usually do. Dirk Nowitzki grabbed a microphone, witnessed a Mavs dunk, and on live TV exclaimed, 'TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!'

And a star was born.

Well, he was already a star. But now he's a broadcasting star with his very own catchphrase, and when we were at the AAC and showed Dirk this T-shirt a few days later, he created another catchphrase:

'Fish, where can I get one of those t-shirts?'

Smile Along with new designs created with Tyson Chandler, the wildly popular "Reunion Rowdies'' and classics like "The UberMan'' and "FREE RODDY B,'' Dirk's ‘Take That Wit Chew!' is available NOW in the DB.com Store!

And there, Dirk Nowitzki and Dirk lovers everywhere, is the answer to the question, 'Fish, where can I get one of those t-shirts?'

DONUT 2: Cleveland topped LAC last night and at the Q, they dropped confetti from the rafters. Confetti that'd had been up there so long probably getting dried up and crusty that it was getting close to creating a fire hazard.

DONUT 3: A couple of weeks ago, Mark Cuban conducted an interview with a French media outlet in which he dished on Roddy B and international basketball. David Lord helps us translate two key questions and answers:

The first question, Are you annoyed by the fact that Rodrigue Beaubois was injured while playing with the French team?

"I'm not irritated,'' Cuban said. "It can happen. But he won't be playing for them this summer. He has to be handled properly. We have to monitor him carefully this summer, because he has to stay healthy, so he won't play. When you have foot injuries, they can be unpredictable as we've discovered. … We don't want to take any chances.

Second question, Is it frustrating that he can't play for you?

"To begin with,'' Cuban responded, "I think international basketball is a joke.

"If I had enough time, I'd get the money and sign a contract with all the national teams. I'd tell them: "Rather than you playing in your international competitions, we'll form a company where you'll be shareholders. And rather than give $2 billion to the Olympic Committee, we'll split it all with you." And we'd sell the TV rights, and we'd own it, and GE [NBC, which holds the broadcast rights for the Olympic Games, was a GE subsidiary at the time of the interview] wouldn't make all the money. Because currently GE pays a shitload of money for the TV rights to the Olympics, and it all goes into the pockets of the various Olympic committees. And basketball is one of the events that attracts the most viewers, so GE makes a ton of money. On the other hand, we spent a lot of money on these players and have a lot invested in them and then the Olympics gets them for free. "Hey, take our best players and use them to make you a ton of money!"

"So rather than give our players where GE makes the money on the Olympics, we should create The NBA International Basketball Tournament. National Federations would be shareholders and we'd have a system that would allow the whole NBA to make money, and all our players could play without problem.''

DONUT 4: Now, if I may …

I don't care about GE, Mark.


I don't care about the Olympics.

I don't care about grand ideas like "The NBA International Basketball Tournament'' or "fixing the BCS'' or "buying the Mets.''

I've always defended Cuban on the wide-ranging, free-thinking, organically-based idea factory that is perched atop his shoulders.

But the question is ABOUT RODDY B. It's not about grand plans. It's not about changing the world.

It's about a little tiny fracture in a tiny little bone in a single individual's foot.

That's the question. Can we just find THAT answer?

I mean, fine. Save the world.

But what say we save it one fifth metatarsal bone at a time?

DONUT 5: So the "smart'' Knicks fans – by reputation "smarter'' than other NBA fans -- are chanting "We Want Melo!'' at their games at the Garden.

Hey, I thought they were smart basketball fans?

"It's not good," coach Mike D'Antoni says of the chants. "There's no doubt about it. It affects some of the players, without a doubt. … You hate it for the players. At the same time, it's part of the business. There's nothing we can do about it."

Yes. There is.

Inform your "smart'' fans – you know, the smart fans who boo Justin Bieber, the smart fans who think it's permissible to walk around on the court during games as long as you are a celebrity (Spike Lee remains a celebrity, right?) – that isn't not smart to yell in the face of a few present Knicks that you wish them to be ex-Knicks.

But if they're so smart … wouldn't they already know that?

DONUT 6: Laura Govan is the mother of Gilbert Arenas' children, and his accuser. Her accusations boiled down: He' s a rat, a bad mate, a terrible dad.

Which all may be true.

But when you are Laura Govan – the sister of a star of the sleazy reality TV show Basketball Wives – why are you sending out press releases to publicize the news of your children's father's sordid behavior?

How does that help the children? What sort of mother does that make you? And isn't this all a bid to get yourself cast on the next episode of the sleazy reality TV show Basketball Wives?

DONUT 7: I think Caron Butler's approach to intense rehab and early return is valiant. Don't you love the idea of a playoff run powered by the emotion of Caron and Tyson Chandler ("Heart-and-Soul Food'') and the talent and the ...


But I also think it's unrealistic. And furthermore, I'd hate to see the seemingly remote possibility of Tuff Juice returning get in the way of what I believe the Mavs really need to do with the Caron Coupon, which is cash it in for itsfull $10.6 mil value before its Feb. 24 expiration date.

DONUT 8: In a Thursday afternoon interview with David Locke on KFAN 1320 in Salt Lake City, Williams downplayed those reports and lashed out at the media's treatment of the situation.

Williams then took a swipe at reporters claming that he had a role in Sloan's departure. "All those guys, Ric Bucher, Chris Broussard, they're all in our locker room everyday," Williams said sarcastically. "I'll let them report what they want to report, that's what they are paid to do. That's why I'm always short and rude with the media, because they're your friend. Ric comes in and sits by me every time I see him, acts like he's my friend, but the day they find something they want to spin, they jump on it. That's why I am the way I am and will continue to be the way I am."

Williams did say he and Sloan had "our disagreements over the years. Probably no more than any other coach and player have arguments.'' But he denied the "him-or-me'' reports.

Locke asked Deron if he wanted Sloan fired. Williams replied, "No, sir."

DONUT 9: Popovich on what it's like to coach a Spurs team that seems like it never loses:

"It's boring as hell," Pop says.

Well, The Spurs just lost 77-71 in Philly. Now you Mavs fans can officially let go of the Mavs having lost the way they did in Denver. ... and Pop's job just got slightly less boring.

DONUT 10: Mavs at Rockets tonight, 7:30 tip, and among other things: Let's watch some of those players supposedly on the move ... and let's watch and see if Big Wood does anything at all eye-popping.

Or if he records a DNP, which would be almost as noteworthy it its own right.

DONUT 11: I very much appreciate your support of DallasBasketball.com I'm proud of our relation with the team and with our audience. Proud of what we built together. And hope you'll have faith in me and The 75-Member Staff to provide you with Dallas Mavericks info, news, views, quips, tips and fun … that justifies 10 cents a day. Go Premium and Go Mavs!

Thanks! Fish


DONUT 12: So the military flyover at the Super Bowl – over a domed Cowboys Stadium – came at a cost of $450,000. That sight is a heart-string tugger for millions of us watching at home, but if it's a made-for-TV event and not meant to impact emotionally the 100,000 people who are actually being flown over … where's the $450,000 value in doing it live?

There are thousands of arenas and stadiums that play recorded versions of the National Anthem. Maybe they play the version sung by Kate Smith, let's say. Would it be worth it to hire the corpse of Kate Smith at a rate of $450,000 to actually show up and sing it? Or is the recording sufficient?


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