Mavs 106, Rockets 102: Let's Quote It Up

The Rockets aren't very good lately, but they deserve respect. The concept of 'surrender' isn't one they recognize, and against Dallas they fight hard. Houston took Dallas's best punches and spat their broken teeth back in Dallas's face. In the end, it just wasn't enough. Again. Final, 106-102. Quoteboard:

No blowout? What happened, Dallas Mavericks?
"Didn't finish the way we wanted to, and made it a lot closer than we needed to." -
Dirk Nowitzki

"We let them get out to a big lead, so we had to do something to come back. We just fight hard and scrap, but it was too late." -Kyle Lowry

"The thing that disturbed me the second quarter was we just kind of gave into everything. If you are being attacked by somebody, they come down there and they are posting you up and they're going at you, well then you better put up some fight or they're going to kill you. We put no fight up until the second half again when we got down 20." -Coach Rick Adleman

Wow, Peja -- Stojakovic scored 22 and went 4-6 on threes, taking fourth place on the list of three point shots made in league history . . .
"I was getting good looks in the last couple of games, too, it was just that the shots wouldn't go. It's easy to play with the guys. I get so many good looks because they draw so much attention. Tonight I was able make them." -Peja Stojakovic

"That's an added dimension that we've been missing, and it just makes us deeper and stronger. As long as he keeps making them, he can pass me. I'm just happy to be in the top 5." -Jason Kidd

"He started reminding me of the guy I know. I've been telling guys it will take him a little while to get his legs underneath him, and he still doesn't have them totally underneath him yet. But once he does, it's pretty to watch." -Tyson Chandler

"There's a Peja sighting, baby! There he is!" -Dirk Nowitzki

So how come Dallas can win so many close games?
"Any of the guys in the rotation are potential clutch playmakers . . . That balance defines who we are." -Coach Rick Carlisle

And how come it got close?

Look, any win after a loss is good. Again, we've got to be more solid with the basketball that last six minutes of the game tonight and not put ourselves in harm's way. That's something we'll continue to study and look at, and I'll continue to be on these guys about it."- Carlisle.

On those Heart-and-Soul Food servings ...

"Whenever you have an opportunity to make an emotional play like that, you can always get your team fired up. And at that point we were on a run and that boosts you up. It gets you going harder on both ends."-- TY

Rocket problems ...

I told the team, whether it's 10 games in, 40 games in, 27 games to go, you better learn how you are going to have a chance to succeed and how you are going to improve as a team. I don't care how many games we have left, or what our record is. You've got to try to continue to succeed and get better as an individual, and as a team, and that's what we have to do." – Houston coach Rick Adelman.

A side note about life on the court . . .
"In real life, the whole 20,000 people in the arena can say whatever they want, but if you say something to them, you get fined automatically. Sometimes I think it's not fair, because some of the things fans say are below the belt. I've pretty much heard it all. I've been called a Nazi before, which isn't even funny. It's just ignorant. You become like, 'In one ear, out the other.'" -Dirk Nowitzki

Wait … what? "Nazi''? This deserves further study …

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