Sneak Peek: Mavs Vertical Leap Bet - Donuts

What did you miss on Monday? OK, OK, we'll let you have a peek: The Mavs Vertical Leap Bet Video! Plus the Spurs-Mavs math, the Nets dangle someone for Dallas' consideration, JJB's height questioned, and the all-time DIRKIE leaders! It's Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Jason Terry is averaging 18 points per game this month. The Mavs' bench is on an incredible hot streak that includes a game in which it scored an NBA season-best 72 points. Jet has therefore announced that he's got a "stranglehold'' on the NBA Sixth-Man of the Year award.

This deserves a MAVSNALYSIS. Give us a couple of hours, please.

DONUT 2: What did you miss on Monday, as it happened, if you are waiting on Going Mavs by Going Premium?

Well, you missed Mavs Gold like this:

You want the sound and the look and the FEEL of the Mavs?

That's what IS.

We'll do it again today. And tonight. And every day and night, 365. I hear people say, "I can't get enough Mavs info!'' Well, this is the way you CAN get enough Mavs info. Because you get ALL of it. For about a dime-a-day.

DONUT 3: The Nets are pushing for somebody to give up an asset in exchange for Troy Murphy, maybe failing to understand that the rest of the league is simply waiting for him to be bought out.

"We're exploring," Nets GM Billy King tells the NJ paper. "We're looking, but we're not going to make a trade just to make a trade."

Yeah, Billy but other teams – Dallas Mavericks included – aren't looking to make a trade at all. In the specific case of the Mavs, the once-attractive idea of stealing Murphy (a big who can shoot) for around a million bucks has faded now that Peja is in the fold.

DONUT 4: As you may know, it's a tradition at to select a Player of the Game (but only after wins, because we are WINNERS!) ... and we call it "The Dirkie,'' in honor of the greatest Maverick of them all. Boards poster Grumpy has done the legwork: Here are two years of "Dirkie'' winners. ... impressive in many ways. Dig in.

DONUT 5: The stories out of Sacto involving all those kids -- rookie DeMarcus Cousins getting in a fight with Donte Greene because Tyreke Evans didn't pass Cousins the ball in a game-winning situation – just BEG for that team to trade for some veteran influence, some stable leadership.

Come callin', Kings. The Mavs have LOTS of veteran leadership …


DONUT 6: So Lady Antebellum is neither a "lady'' not associated in any way with Civil war architecture. Discuss.

DONUT 7: Save the Date: Sunday, Feb. 27, a 5 p.m. tip, Mavs at Toronto … and the Game-Watching Get-Together moves west, to one of our favorite spots: Esparza's in Grapevine!

Famous for Tex-Mex! Notorious for Margaritas!

DONUT 8: Apparently, people in Cleveland are so bitter than they even question J.J. Barea's listed height. JJB, by the way, is 5-11. When he's dancing and stepping on his date's feet.

DONUT 9: Speeding into first place in the Store: It's only been out for a few days, but apparently all the kids (and maybe their parents and grandparents?) love the "TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!'' shirt approved by Dirk Nowitzki himself.

"Where can I get one of those?'' Dirk asked ... and answered. Store, UberMan.

Smile DONUT 10: Is there some point when we quit assuming the Lakers will "turn it on'' so they can put things like last night's humiliating loss to Charlotte way behind them?

No. Probably not.

DONUT 11: The Spurs enter the week sitting at nine losses, so the "72-10" dream is for sure done. Next question: Does this Spurs team consistently shoot well enough to only lose once more in their remaining 28 games (especially considering the number of over-500 teams they have left to play)?

Now, this Spurs team isn't going to lose seven more times than your Mavericks before the season finishes, either, as David in Kerrville points out. So the Western Conference No. 1 will be SA.

But ...

DONUT 12: Dallas is at 38-16 (No. 2 in the West). The Mavs need to win 12 of their final 28 to get to 50 wins ... a winning record in the final 28 (15-13) gets them to 53 wins ... a continued pace (more than twice as many wins as losses) gets them to around 57 or 58 wins.

You fine with that? Did you predict any such thing? So-far, so-good, agreed?

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