Updates: Beaubois. JJB. Jamison Trade Offer?

The message on the Mavs' whiteboard at Tuesday's practice: ‘Just Give Me All You Got.' DB.com does just that … You get Your All-Access Pass inside today's practice as we fill you in on Roddy B's activation (complete with him playing 'soccer'), Barea's illness and Antawn Jamison's trade availability as our Mavs-Mavs Trade Rumor Traffic prediction comes true … as we ‘Give You All We Got.'

Roddy B's Return is Official: "I expect him at this point to be active tomorrow."

Ah, the words Dallas Mavericks fans everywhere have been waiting for. The return of Roddy Beaubois to game action on Wednesday night has been expected by all of the Metroplex for a couple weeks now, but it was coach Rick Carlisle who had to push the button to make it official.

And he did. It'll only be a few minutes though right, Coach?

"I don't know what the minute situation is going to be," said Carlisle. "Barea did not practice today because he's got a flu bug and a little groin thing going on. So, you know, there's a chance if he's unavailable that Roddy could see significant minutes."

Considering the Sacramento Kings are in town, mark us down as a "yes" for significant minutes for Roddy B even if JJB is ready to go.

Either way, Rick Carlisle's endorsement of Roddy B potentially playing heavy minutes is a far cry from the "close-to-the-vest" strategy employed by the Mavs basically all season when it came to his broken foot and his status.

If you need some more visual evidence that his foot feels fine, here's a video of Beaubois shooting 3-pointers… and kicking basketballs into the wall ... and playing 'soccer'':

We liked a little line aide Darrell Armstrong had for Roddy B after a missed shot when he said, "You're a scorer, remember?"

He's young. He remembers. And he gets a chance to prove it tomorrow.

Do the Mavs like Antawn Jamison?: Our predictions of trade-minded visits between the Mavs and the Cavs has come true, a source says. But what happens when Cleveland shows a desire to ship ex-Mavs forward Antawn Jamison back to Dallas? Six quickie takes on exploratory Mavs-Cavs discussions:


1 Cleveland wants to trade Antawn Jamison, the 34-year-old forward who was such a productive sixth man for the Mavs back in 2003-04. Contrary to what some clubs hope, we are told the Cavs do not want to buy him out.

2 There is presently not much market for Jamison due to his contract, which pays him $13 million this year and $15 million next year. That's a major turnoff to Dallas … and rumors that teams like New Orleans might be interested are almost certainly bogus because it's unlikely the Hornets want to foot that bill, either.

3 The Mavs not only don't like the $13-mil/$15-mil part of the equation. They also don't see Jamison's skill set as fulfilling a Dallas need. We're not sure we agree with this; he's an "easy-basket'' guy, a 17.6-point scorer (with 6.6 rebounds per) who can do damage inside. In 10 of his NBA seasons he's scored 19 or more. In that Dallas season he was good for 15 points in just 29 minutes. But …

4 He's also a mediocre defensive player and the last time he came through town, he politely asked to be dealt so he would no longer have to be saddled with sixth-man duties. (We suppose, though, now that he plays for basketball's worst team, the sixth-man job for a contender looks pretty sweet.)

In a Jamison-in-Dallas scenario, he would obviously be a supporting-cast member. We'll assume that even while he's a high-quality guy, when our source tells us that he "doesn't fit a need,'' what's being factored in are all of the above: Combine salary + defense + mindset and THAT = "doesn't fit a need.''

5 Now, could Jamison be traded THROUGH Dallas? There are fits there. And could Mavs-Cavs talks about one subject blossom into discussions about other ideas? There are multiple fits there, as our David Lord has outlined.

6 At some point, the Mavs and the Cavs will discuss the smaller and larget pieces that each team has at its disposal.

For Dallas, there are little Trade Exceptions. The Mavs could take back players for up to $4.4 million and $3.1million for nothing more than a pick or cash. Anthony Parker, for one, is quite get-able.

For Cleveland, there is the huge $14-million Trade Exception (LeBron-related). That has nothing to do with Jamison, but it can have everything to do with Cleveland serving as a facilitator as Dallas goes fishing for big targets.

Cleveland is making Antawn Jamison available and that's a no-sell to Dallas. But one discussion can lead to another … which can lead to another … and as we are now 10 days before the Feb. 24 NBA trade deadline, the time for those conversations is here.

Peja Who?!: In the midst of 3-point practice where a red-hot Jason Terry made 23 of 25, Dirk made sure he was loud enough while yelling "Peja Who?!" to grab Peja's attention who was across the gym working on free throws with Shawn Marion.

Jet made it known yesterday that he would be chasing Peja on the all-time 3-point list when he said, "I told him I'm eyeing him. I'm eight, he's four, I'm gonna keep shooting and he's gonna keep shooting."

We weren't surprised to see Peja take the challenge and step right up to the plate.

After making his last shot of the set from the left-wing, Peja shot a quick glance at Dirk and Jason Kidd noticed.

Kidd to Dirk: "Ohhh! He looked at you!"

Oh and for the record, Jet and Peja tied at 23 makes a piece.

Caron Update: Caron Butler attended practice and he rode the bike for the last 30 minutes. Today was the first day that he ran in the water and he made it clear that he can already shoot. He wanted to shoot some after practice, but there was no chance DA was going to let him.

"That's the beautiful thing about this family atmosphere and organization, they're not going to let you out there if you're not right," said Caron.

Caron is on step two of his self-proclaimed six-step process toward the recovery of his knee.

"Let's see what happens," Caron said, which basically sums up the thoughts of all Mavs fans as well.

He had a few thoughts on his injury, a potential comeback for the playoffs, and trade possibilities:

"That's 30 minutes!" Caron yelled after his workout. "Where's Hack (Mavs conditioning coach Robert Hackett) at?"

Matrix Sums it up with Roddy: "It's good to see the little guy back," said Marion. "He's out there runnin' around in circles ... Actually, he's still our rook. He can get me some drinks now."

Mavsellaneous: Holger was in attendance again today and watched all of practice and post-practice… Roddy B didn't speak to media today since he did so yesterday… Roddy B and Jet were the last two Mavs working on court, and Roddy B and assistant Darrell Armstrong stuck around even longer after the media interlopers departed … Jet's new pet phrase when calling for Peja is "C'mon Stoyk!"… Rick continues to try to keep a lid on expectations. "We've gone through this period of healing and conditioning and working on rhythm as much as we can without playing games and which has culminated with a couple days of team practice, which has been positive,'' he said. "I would just caution everybody to temper this with some realistic expectations. It's going to be hard being off six months without playing.''

Rick's presser: Take it Coach.

The Final Word : "We're coming off a stretch where we won 10 in a row and we're getting healthy. And when healthy, we're the best team in the league.'' – Jason Terry.

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