Thursday Mavs Donuts: Swimsuit Edition

Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts as Mark Cuban talks trade, we see who is ripe for the pickin', we start matching up Mavs vs. Spurs, 'Trix offers a Video State of the Mavs Address and we take a dip with the SI Swimsuit Edition ladies. ...

DONUT 1: "Relative to other years in terms of trade talk,'' Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently said, "I don't think it's really any different. It always goes through the same process. There are one or two early trades. We saw that with Orlando, and then everybody waits until the last possible second. And then you hit the trade deadline and they recognize it's the last chance to save money or to do something. That's when things happen. … That's one of the challenges and problems the league has is that a lot of GMs like to wait until the last second.''

That sounds to me like a man who doesn't like being patient … but it being forced to be patient by the nature of this beast. There is a reason it's called a "deadline.''

I would say Dallas' motivation level is different "relative to other years,'' to borrow Cuban's phrase. When the Mavs did the Kidd deal, the team was good but in a state of lethargy. Last year, when they did the Josh Howard deal, there was double-motivation – the desire to get better AND the desire to exorcise J-Ho from the locker room?

Now? You watch.

"You hit the trade deadline and they recognize it's the last chance to save money or to do something,'' Cuban said. "That's when things happen.''

"Things'' don't guarantee a Mavs trade … just Mavs talks. And we're on it.

DONUT 2: Jason Terry says the Mavs, when healthy, are "the best team in the league.''

Hmmm … Let's say the measuring stick is the Spurs. That's fair, right? One of our spies embedded in Spurs Country helps walks us through the consideration of a Mavs vs. Spurs series:

*J-Kidd on Manu
*Dirk on Blair
*Chandler on Duncan
*Peja on Jefferson
*Roddy B – now that we've seen that he's a go -- runs with Parker.
*Then there's Jet, Marion and JJB coming off the bench vs. Hill, That Bonner Character and Neal.

Which of those matchups should cause Dallas to not believe in itself in a seven-game series?

There's no way to prove that Jason Terry's evaluation is correct … yet. But it may be coming.

DONUT 3: You are about to hear a lot of Nash-to-Dallas stories. It's TNT tonight. You KNOW you're gonna hear it. Wanna be truly informed about Nash-to-Dallas? It's Premium stuff. And you will be informed.

DONUT 4: Pat Williams has bone cancer.

Williams is the founder of the Orlando Magic, a tireless ambassador to the game, an author of a skillion motivational books. He's been a frequent guest on my radio shows over the years, and I'm not surprised to hear his upbeat spin on his illness.

"'I've delivered many a motivational speech about the stuff you always hear about in sports,' says Williams. "I've stood up there and told other people you can't give up and you've got to show courage, perseverance and will. Now, I get to live out the things I always talk about. That's a privilege.''

DONUT 5: I very much appreciate your support of I'm proud of our relationship with the team and with our audience. Proud of what we built together. And hope you'll have faith in me and The 75-Member Staff to provide you with Mavericks info, news, views, quips, tips and fun … that justifies 10 cents a day.

Thanks! Fish

DONUT 6: SI Swimsuit Edition? I no longer understand the appeal or the outrage.

Girls in bikinis? This ain't 1976; If I want ‘em, can get girls in bikinis with a press of the button.

Girls in bikinis? This ain't 1976; If I DON'T want ‘em, I can get girls in bikinis with a press of the button.

Nevertheless, there's your mandatory photo above. Stare at it or scroll on down to Donut 7. Either way is fine by me.

DONUT 7: Entering Wednesday night, the Pistons had lost five of six at home. I'll keep beating this drum: Trade-wise, Tayshaun-wise, that is a situation waiting to be taken advantage of.

DONUT 8: After last night, I'm convinced that when I remind you about the Store -- featuring "The UberMan,'' "Reunion Rowdies'' and more -- I'm not just doing myself a solid.

I'm actually helping YOU, too. I mean, you should've seen all the FREE RODDY B t-shirts in attendance last night! They are apparently considered "cool'' by the cool kids. Yours is waiting in the Store!

As part of the fun last night: 30 readers got to attend the game for free with their purchase of UberMan t-shirts. (Thanks, Ryan of MavCowTickets!)

This morning "JR'' sent me this email:

"Hey, Fish! We love our shirts and had a great time. We ended up sporting our UberMan shirts six rows behind the Mavs bench. ... We came all the way from Temple for the first NBA game I've been to and it was everything and then some. Totally awesome experience.

"One time, Dirk scored, I then held my shirt up, and he pointed at me. Very nice! That was the best time I've had in a long time and made it possible. Amazing! Thank you very much for the Uberman Experience. Go Fish!''

Thank YOU, JR ... Let's do it again!

DONUT 9: I'll cut Jason Terry lots of slack on this one …

"We're all about team here, so as long as it translates into wins for us, then we don't have a problem with (the return of Roddy B),' Terry said before Wednesday's game. 'Now if he comes in and it's affecting everybody, it's going to be a little rift here and there, but not anything we can't work out. It's a good problem to have.''

"Rift''? Jet obviously didn't mean "rift.'' I'm going to say he meant "ripple.''

DONUT 10: But on this one, no slack cut for Jet.

"This year, our team's intact,'' he said of the coming trade deadline and possible moves. "We don't foresee any moves that I can see that'll surprise the heck out of me."

Sorry, Jet, but I do not believe that The Triangle of Trust is running ideas by you at this early stage.

Terry is right about the team this year vs. last, when Josh Howard was a piece that simply had to be moved. Dallas doesn't have THAT sort of motivation this year … but there is still some motivation.

DONUT 11: You do understand our position on Caron, right? We LOVE the work ethic that drives him to make a comeback. But this is a situation where – as cruel as it sounds to say it – he must be handled less like a person and more like an asset. That's the downside, the impersonal part, of being paid $10.6 million to play basketball. Whether it's a basketball move (a trade to acquire talent) or a business move (a trade to save tax), it's a move that should've be skipped over just because we LOVE Caron.


DONUT 12: OK, so we've got Roddy B covered and we're staying up late tonight for the Suns game (Mavs favored by 1.5, interestingly, according to NBA odds) and has a rather important exclusive coming up with Tyson Chandler regarding his future in Dallas ... what we really need is a State of the Mavs Address. For such things, we like to go to 'Trix.

Ohhh, 'Trix?

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