DB.com: Proud Partner of McKinneyDentist.com

DB.com is proud to be associated with McKinneyDentist.com, in part because of an annual event that is happening right now: It is a wonderful bit of support for the community. It's "Free Day of Dental Care'' for those in need.

They kick it off Saturday at 7 a.m. and the terrific staff at goes all day and into the night … They've offered this program for 15 years and they've helped thousands of people with whatever ails them.

"It's our version of a mission trip,'' says Dr. Marvin Berlin, "because what we have realized is that there is a need right in our own back yard.''

I've been to the event. Folks begin lining up the night before to take advantage of "Free Day of Dental Care.''

"As seems to always happen on these days, we'll get way more out of this than the patients,'' says Dr. B … and now you know one more reason why I and my family endorse the work of

Want to get to know more about Dr. B and the staff at McKinneyDentist.com? Go to the website ... or check 'em out right here!

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