Saturday Mavs Donuts: Roddy B Hype

He's Chuck Norris and 'The Most Interesting Man in the World' all rolled into one basketball player. It's time to FREE RODDY B ... to check out some exclusive video of Beaubois ... and to collect a baker's dozen Donuts in our hyperbolic examination of him.

DONUT 1: The 75-Member Staff can be a wonderful thing. The last nine months have seen no end of enthusiastic, anxious, and often contentious anticipation of Roddy Beaubois' return to the Dallas Mavericks lineup. It might have been only six months, except that Roddy B suffered a broken foot last summer and was put on ice at the beginning of the season. The wait continued in an antagonizing silence as Roddy B failed to meet deadline after deadline, with no (believable) explanation from the Mavericks front office. Only recently did the Mavericks reveal that Roddy suffered a re-fracture of the same foot, requiring him essentially to start his rehab all over again.

Then the joyous news of his return - his actual return - came to the world, bringing glad tidings of great things ... magnificent movement of our Dallas Mavericks products in the Store (meaning FREE RODDY B shirts) … well, I'm getting carried away.

This is exactly what the 75-Member Staff did. They became blissfully carried away in giddy hyperbole, giving away Dallas Mavericks tickets, offering exaggeration, and creating big-fish tall tales. In every myth there is a kernel of truth (though that's a stretch in some of these), so let's see if we can find some in a few of these.

(Note that I edited a few of these, but still credit the original staff member as contributor. Find the entire entertaining thread here on Boards.)

DONUT 2: The NBA will officially adopt the term "Roddy-oop" for every alley-oop play, no matter who does it. (Submitted by MFFLOhio.)

A number of us wanted to see a signature play to reaffirm that Roddy Beaubois is no myth but a reality: The Roddy-Oop. It's a simple play in which Roddy starts at the top of the key and circles around the weak side of the floor to catch a lob pass from Jason Kidd that awaits him somewhere near the rim. I, for one, hoped to see Roddy B start and to see a Roddy-oop -- er, an alley-oop -- as the Mavs' first offensive set. Neither happened. When the Mavs finally attempted it, the Kings anticipated it and knocked Roddy B on his backside before he could get airborne. Paul Westphal's squad had enough problems without letting Roddy B send the crowd completely over the top.

DONUT 3: Roddy occasionally commits a turnover, just to remember what it feels like! (Submitted by Mariusrockt.)

Turnovers for a basketball team can be due to a variety of causes, including sloppy play or aggressive, ambitious playmaking. The Mavericks committed 21 of them on Wednesday against the Kings, some aggressive passing, some sloppy passing. Roddy had two of them in twenty minutes of play.

The Mavericks have transformed into a team of passers since Jason Kidd returned to Dallas. Sometimes the passing isn't so great, but overall the positives in ball movement, unselfishness, creativity, and plain old fun, outweigh the lost opportunities when a pass lands in the wrong hands. The Mavericks are tied for fourth in the league in assists per game at 23.2. They share the top spots with Boston, Utah, Houston, Phoenix, and San Antonio. After a defensive rebound, you're liable to see Marion, Terry, Barea, Kidd, and now Beaubois racing up the court, and at least one or two interesting passes later they will score. Fun stuff.

With his freakishly long arms and spindly fingers, Beaubois can control the ball from multiple angles, but he is not immune to committing turnovers. This saying is unfortunately untrue. But Roddy B just may be one of the most interesting basketball players in the world. This week, anyway.

DONUT 4: When Roddy B is called for a fouling Dwyane Wade, Wade argues the call with the referee. (Submitted by yours truly.)

Mavs fans -- no, BASKETBALL fans -- remember the extreme number of fouls called on Maverick defenders in the 2006 Finals when Dwyane Wade had the ball. Google "phantom foul" and you'll see Wade's handiwork on display, flopping and flailing and getting to the foul line for three last-minute wins to sew up an NBA Title. Mavs fans regard Roddy B as fundamental to the kind of ultra-athletic talent that might keep the Mavs from being in a position where Wade's sort of tomfoolery would even become a factor. Just this week, Rick Carlisle commented that Roddy B has a "surprisingly high basketball IQ" so there is indeed plenty of hype on that front to satisfy the fan base for the next few months.

DONUT 5: Question: What do you call the part after the first eight minutes Roddy B plays in a game? Answer: Garbage time. (Submitted by germanUmlaut.)

Ah, big leads. Mavericks seem to have a problem getting them and keeping them. But in Wednesday's game against the Kings, Roddy B was fresh and eager and the whole team followed suit, building a 22-point lead and only relinquishing a smidgen of it late in garbage time. The hope is that Roddy B will help the basket drink points in much larger gulps and keep pouring it in and building up leads. Most observers agree this part of the Mavericks' game must be improved to make them a real contender late in the playoffs.

DONUT 6: Go watch a replay of Usain Bolt's record-setting 100m dash. If you look closely, you can see Roddy B jogging backwards in front of him, cheering him on. (Submitted by jodo24.)

I THINK I see it, but I'm not sure .

One of the favorite activities on Boards is debating whether Roddy B can bring the same sort of flash and brilliance that Devin Harris once did...without the dangerous spills. Harris brought the blazing speed that threatened to throw him into Row 6 behind the Mavericks' basket. He was traded away while he was injured (yet again).

Roddy Beaubois is a slightly different breed. His long arms and long legs get him where he's going very quickly, but his uncanny body control keeps him from flying off when he gets there. He seems able to land in a relaxed state even after an acrobatic play. Given Roddy B's recent broken foot, this is either a foolish prediction or a hope the past six months is a mere aberration.

DONUT 7: When Roddy misses a shot, the referees stop the game to make sure the rim is in the right place. (Submitted by thefrenchtickler.)

If you haven't seen Roddy B shoot, Google him, or better, watch some exclusive video of him at practice right here on

His long arms make his motion like a high-precision catapult. His effortless leap and body control deliver a smooth shot with almost unlimited range. Roddy B's not infallible, but when he reaches game condition, Mavs fans hope to see more of the 50% from the field, 40% from 3-point range, and 80% from the free-throw line that tantalized the fan base last year.

DONUT 8: Roddy B once got called for traveling...THROUGH TIME. (Submitted by WillPoll.)

No doubt Roddy B is fast, but we had no idea he is that fast. His speed is best expressed in this limerick:

When Roddy Beaubois took to flight

He traveled much faster than light

He jumped up today,

In his own unique way,

Then landed the previous night.

(Submitted by Mythago.)

DONUT 9: Roddy B doesn't just own one FREE RODDY B t-shirt.

He and a couple of his buddies ordered THREE of them from the Store.

Really. That's true.

DONUT 10: Every time Roddy makes a 3-pointer, an angel gets its wings. (Inspired by Jayke23.)

Take a look at Roddy's 40-point barrage against the Golden State Warriors last year.

What is most notable is how one 3-point shot seemed to spawn another. Eventually Roddy B went 9-of-11 from beyond the arc. The Mavs built a 30-point lead in the third quarter and eventually won by a comfortable 21 points. Built a big lead and held it. See Donut 5 above.

DONUT 11: Roddy doesn't anticipate 2012. 2012 anticipates Roddy. (Submitted by Moviemavguy.)

This isn't about a global catastrophe but about Roddy B's highly-anticipated first full season. This year he will get only 20-something regular-season games, most of which will be spent trying to get his legs under him. What the Mavs and their fans want is a whole year of a healthy Roddy B learning the point guard position and earning plenty of minutes in either the 1 or 2 position...hopefully as a starter, but certainly getting Jason Terry-type minutes at a minimum if he comes off the bench.

DONUT 12: Enough about Roddy. Let's talk about Rodrigue. More precisely let Rick Carlisle talk about "Rodrigue.''

First things first: Stop calling him Roddy, Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle says.

"'Rodrigue,' Carlisle said to Jeff Caplan. 'Roddy was the flashes-of-brilliance-but-never-any-consistency player last year. Rodrigue is the new guy.'

OK, then. So what will separate Roddy B., from Rodrigue Beaubois, who finally made his season debut on Wednesday and followed up 13 points and six assists with nine points and two assists on Thursday? Carlisle said it start with maturity, as in learning that the NBA is not a place for wussies. Bumps and bruises are part of the deal, in practice and in games.

"Carlisle said Rodrigue has 'matured' to understand the toll his body will take during the NBA grind.

Can we possibly stop calling him Roddy B?

No. Because Roddy B can take the grind just as well as Rodrigue can.

DONUT 13: On a personal note, I may not always watch NBA basketball, but when I do, I watch Roddy B. (Thanks again to Moviemavguy!)

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