Mavs Deserve A Break (All-Star Style)

The All-Star Break, the unofficial starting point for the portion of the season that really matters, is upon us. There is reason to be optimistic about the Mavs. We have Dirk beginning to look like he is finally over the injuries. And Roddy B is finally playing again. And finally, Jerry Jones has not been allowed to install temporary seating in the AAC.

The NBA is the best of the All-Star Games in sports, which is sort of like naming your favorite of the Seven Dwarfs or your favorite episode of The View. None of the All-Star Games are very good in the way of competitive sports. The All-Star Game is basically an excuse for the commissioner and the owners to get together, pat each other on the back, drink excessively, and eat goose livers wrapped in bacon.

Meanwhile on the court, players try desperately to get a photo opportunity slam dunking the basketball while trying desperately to get out of the way of the other team driving to the basket. And then there is Dirk Nowitzki, who will politely attempt to not have an impact on anything. Dirk is so unselfish in this these things I think he's even pass the ball to Justin Bieber.

In noting the post-All Star schedule, I note that the Dallas Mavericks' next game is against the Utah Jazz … a team synonymous with finishing second. If there was a reward for being First Runner-Up in the NBA, the Utah Jazz is the award winner.

Well, Utah, if the Bulls are unable to complete their service as the league champion, you will get to fill in.

Don't misunderstand me, the Jazz have had some good teams and some great players over the years, Karl Malone and John Stockton, and um, you know that other guy. They also have one of the most interesting team names in sports, the Jazz, the Utah Jazz. When people discuss the great cities in the development of jazz, the ones that immediately spring to mind are New Orleans, Memphis, Saint Louis, and Salt Lake City. We think about the great jazz artists, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Donnie and Marie Osmond.

Jazz has a way of stirring the soul.

It may explain why other teams have such a hard time playing in Utah: they get to emotionally caught up in the deep, desperate, raw sounds of Salt Lake City jazz. As a teenager, I have to admit I liked the Jazz, well, not the whole team, but I liked Pete Maravich, who I think more than anyone else brought me into an interest in basketball.

In fact, my own game was compared to Pete. Someone once said, "You are nothing like Pete Maravich,'' which of course is a comparison.

So I had an interest in the team, which slid dramatically when the team moved to Utah, and for reasons only known to the great Utah jazz musicians, kept the name Jazz. I think maybe it was because no one offered them any better ideas. So I have decided to offer a few:

The Utah Osmonds, the Utah Donnies, or the Utah Maries. Think it over.

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