Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Is It Over Yet?

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts. One last look back at All-Star Weekend stuff ... and let's speed forward into Mavs news and views, shall we? Oh, and a Get-Together is coming this week, too!

DONUT 1: Dirk Nowitzki would've rather been on the beach.

But he did his duty, contributing to Sunday's All-Star Game in LA and finishing with six points (on 3-of-8 shooting), five rebounds, one assist, one steal, one block and 14:14 minutes of burn. Notable for the star of your Dallas Mavericks who is too unselfish to ever be THE star of your Western Conference All-Star Team: Lots of rebounds (!) and no problems with wrists, knees or ankles.

C'mon home, UberMan. Make your beach reservations for July. But first, c'mon home.


DONUT 2: So Deron Williams wants to land with the Knicks in 2012, eh?

I can't say it ain't so. But there are some obstacles to accurately speculating about the Summer of 2012. F'rinstance: I thought CP3 was going there? Will NY have cap room for Amare, Melo and another max star? What will the rules of free agency be? Did Deron express this private view before or after Sloan's departure? Will the new CBA a franchise tag? And why does EVERY rumor in the last 10 years lead to the Knicks ... but in the last 10 years, the Knicks are still never very good?

And then the dust settled ... and Deron kinda denied every saying any such thing.

So the media started a new one saying that the REAL DEAL with the Knicks is that Tyson Chandler is going there. Why? Because it's the Knicks, I guess.

Our Tyson Chandler story, by the way, not only handles the Knicks rumor but also plays "Coach 'Em Up'' on TY's influence on the Mavs gameplan. Videos, pictures, X's and O's ... good stuff.

DONUT 3: If you don't like Kobe Bryant – and I know you don't – you won't like this:

DONUT 4: Get-Together time! We're doing it this Sunday evening (Feb. 27) at one of our fave hangouts, Esparza's in Grapevine, the iconic place for Margaritas and Tex-Mex and Mavs!


Tipoff of the Mavs-at-Toronto is 5 p.m. ... Join me and The 75-Member Staff for giveaways and chances at FREE Dallas Mavericks tickets and Dallas Mavericks gear ... See you Sunday!

DONUT 5: I know it's been a long first half of the season, Eric Snow. But couldn't you want until the All-Star Break to nap?

Awful Announcing explains.

All I can say is, you wouldn't see Bob O pulling a stunt like that!

DONUT 6: My man Mark Followill does some Roddy B digging and look what he's got!

*Roddy B's fouls-per-48 minutes is the sixth highest of anyone who has appeared in an NBA game this year.

*We've had 441 players appear in an NBA game this year. Roddy B, in his first two games, took shots at a higher per-48-minute rate than any of them -- barely edging out Kobe.

DONUT 7: New York is working its way BACK to giving control Isiah Thomas, causing Michael Dugat to wonder if owner James Dolan is also bringing in Matt Millen to serve as assistant GM.

DONUT 8: Hey, we're getting all OFFICIAL on Facebook! Come friend us at Dallas Mavericks FISH on Facebook and get ready to win stuff ... not that the warmth of our friendship isn't enough ... but yeah. Win stuff.

DONUT 9: Congrats to Del Harris, who received the 2011 Colangelo Award, presented during All-Star Weekend. The award is given to someone who exemplifies integrity, leadership and character while representing the NBA.

Few have ever done that at Del's level.

Way to go, Coach.

DONUT 10: Steiny-Mo says the Sacramento Kings might back up the van and move to the LA area. Three teams in LA, but none in Seattle ... Las Vegas ... Kansas City ..

Chancellor Stern? Are you still with us, Chancellor Stern?

DONUT 11: Roddy B turns 23 on Thursday. I think you should celebrate by buying YOURSELF a gift of Dallas Mavericks gear . FREE RODDY B in the Store!

DONUT 12: Blake Griffin jumps over a car.

It's not the car ... it's the choreographed spectacle of it all. Which was impressive in the bloated silliness of it all. So even with cameos from Spike Lee and Baron Davis, I give it a 10.

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