Dirk On Melo & Devin Buzzwords In Donuts

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: Torch-passing, opinion-changing, jersey-flippin', Dirk-'Melo'in, Mavs-practicing Donuts ... featuring the buzzwords that help you understand what's going on with the Mavs and Devin Harris. ...

DONUT 1: So ... who won?

There is coast-to-coast own-arm back-patting this morning. Denver was in a hard spot and drove a hard bargain. Denver wins! The Knicks got a superstar and are two-thirds of the way to being Miami. NY wins! New Jersey "cleverly'' drove up the price because NJ hates NY! The Nets win!

But you know who really worked the system right: Carmelo Anthony.

He forced the deal. The deal is legal. He got his desired team in -- as we wrote in August, "an unusual form of un-free free agency.'' He got the city he wants. He got his three-year, $65 million max extension before labor strife could alter the landscape.

That should make this an unhappy day, in a sense, for NBA fathers in that it looks less and less like the Torontos, Clevelands and Denvers can remain viable as attractive destinations because they are not assembling "SuperFriends'' teams.

But it doesn't make this an unhappy day for NBA fathers. Because NBA fathers have always seemed to like the Knicks.

DONUT 2: Quote from Kevin Durant:

"If (Kobe) passes the torch to me, I know what to do with it.''

I believe in the second part of that statement, son. But I wouldn't hang on too long waiting on the first part of it.

DONUT 3: Exhibit A of How Our Opinions Change Depending on How Excited/Bored We Are:

In my pal Bill Simmons' most recent NBA column, he ranks Carmelo Anthony as the 34th best player in the NBA.

Fair enough.

This weekend, in chiding the Knicks for not hurrying to do the 'Melo deal, The Sports Guy writes, "NYK cannot eff around here. (Melo) is the last available top-12 guy ...

What happened here? The impatience of a fan (Bill Simmons) caused him to elevate a player from 34th best to 12th best ...

And that's why Bill Simmons isn't an NBA GM.

UPDATE: I've gotten so much response already this morning to Donut 3 that I'd better add a clarification: I'm just joshin' ol' Bill. We know that his ranking was about Melo as an 'asset' ... and we know Bill is a smart observer of the NBA. My point stands regarding the emotion of observers (you and me and Bill), but I want to take the fine point off the item mostly because I don't want any Simmons fans to assassinate me. - Fish

DONUT 4: DB.com Get-Together time! We're doing it this Sunday evening (Feb. 27) at one of our fave hangouts, Esparza's in Grapevine, the iconic place for Margaritas and Tex-Mex and Mavs!


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DONUT 5: Rachel Nichols tweets that if you wanna see Carmelo at the Garden tomorrow night, "whether he's in uniform or waving from the bench,'' your courtside seat is now going for $9,555.

DONUT 6: My man Mark Followill has his weekly FOLLOWILL 5 column up. Go get some!

DONUT 7: Dirk's view of 'Melo's situation, as it relates to his own FA experience?

"I hated it,'' The UberMan tells FanHouse.com. "I was a free agent for two days this summer, and I already hated it. ... I can't imagine what it's like every day in the locker room all year. It's got to be tough. But he's handled it pretty well. He's been playing well."

DONUT 8: Hey, we're getting all OFFICIAL on Facebook! Come friend us at Dallas Mavericks FISH on Facebook and get ready to win stuff ... not that the warmth of our friendship isn't enough ... but yeah. Win stuff.

DONUT 9: "When it comes from my mouth, when I say I want to go to New York, then you can believe it," says Deron Williams.

The irresponsibility involved in rumor-mongering is now so pervasive that maybe the only way for somebody like D-Will to survive it is to understand that it's a compliment of sorts. He matters enough to be talked about ... Either way, he is wise to keep quiet about such things.

Mavs fans respect TY's "shut-up-and-play'' manifesto, and NBA fans resent LeBron and 'Melo doing it the other way.

Shut up and play.

Or, as the Mavs will do today, practice! Yes, we're talking 'bout practice! And DallasBasketball.com will be there, basking in it! Oh, and reporting on it, of course. Media availability isn't until late afternoon, so be patient for Your All-Access Pass to Practice, which will be served up tonight!

DONUT 10: "Unlikely.''

It's a tricky word, a loaded word, when it comes to trade talk. DallasBasketball.com reported on Monday night that Dallas is in talks that might involve as many as four teams in bringing Devin Harris to the Mavs. (Yahoo first reported the rebirth of these talks in some form. The NJ paper The Record has also confirmed.)

The talks are/were real.

Other media outlets are responding this morning with buzzwords like "unlikely.'' And they are correct. It is "unlikely'' that the Devin-selling Nets will be able to get what they want, that the moving parts of four different teams will align, and that all parties (including Dallas) will find the final price tag to be attractive.

But "unlikely'' doesn't counteract what we reported - and what we will soon update today: On Monday, Dallas engaged in Devin Harris talks that involved the Nets and Nuggets and would require a fourth-team facilitator.

DONUT 11: Roddy B turns 23 on Thursday. I think you should celebrate by buying YOURSELF a gift of Dallas Mavericks gear . FREE RODDY B in the DB.com Store!

DONUT 12: There's no truth to the rumor that 'Melo's "WEST'' jersey was reversable, with "EAST'' on the other side, just in case.


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