10 Takes On Deron-NJ; Mavs-Jazz Trade Ideas

Ten quick thoughts on Utah's trade of Deron Williams to New Jersey (and Devin Harris' flyover of Dallas on the way to Salt Lake) and what can happen next … a list of ideas that includes the Mavs' option of further picking apart the Jazz carcass … Jefferson? Milsap? Miles? Raja? How much does Utah want to get under that lux tax?

1 The assertion that the Dallas Mavericks weren't involved in Devin Harris talks is wrong. Media attempts to quantify "seriousness'' are spinny efforts in futility now. The Nets spent two days pitching ideas to Dallas. The Mavs explored those ideas. Possibilities were "scattered on the table,'' as we wrote last night.

2 What changed? This morning, Nets GM Billy King and Jazz GM Kevin O'Connor (who've worked together before) visited. Somehow, Deron's name came up. And the Jazz – convinced that Deron might somehow "LeBron'' them with a blindside feeling of Utah – crafted a pre-emptive strike.

Their return: Devin, lotto rookie Derrick Favors and two high picks.

3 The Nets get a foundation player who is on Melo's level in terms of overall impact. Word from the Jazz camp is that Deron is shocked/unhappy. But he was apparently unhappy a week ago, too, and at some level had a hand on iconic coach Jerry Sloan's abrupt departure from the club.

Deron might want to hurry up and get un-shocked and happy.

4 The suggestion that the Mavericks were never going to be able to acquire Devin only became true after Deron's availability trumped any offer Dallas might've made. What we don't know is whether there was a trigger for Dallas to pull on Harris that would've caused NJ to look no further.

5 Were the Mavericks played for suckers? Or did they play Utah for suckers? Conspiracy theories abound: "Dallas was trying to drive up the price to screw Utah!'' Or "Dallas got used so NJ could demand more!'' Acquiring Devin while thinking that down the line, he might be flipped for an even better player (like, sure, Deron)? Feasible. But generally, I think the 007 stuff is overplayed. The simplest answers are usually the right ones, and the simplest answer is this: the offer of Deron crushed any over Dallas (and Portland) made/was going to make/was capable of making.

6 Deron and Avery together in New Jersey? Look for Avery to declare that Deron "is like a son to me.''

7 More dominoes?

The Utah roster is worth combing over and picking through. Dallas gets a chance to do that night as the undermanned Jazz are in town. There is talent involved – but maybe attractive to Utah, there can be lux-tax relief involved.

Our David Lord calculates that Utah (presumably conceding that it's a non-contender and a seller) is now about $4.9 million over the tax line. Dallas can offer a TE or TEs to acquire somebody like C.J. Miles (3.7 mil expiring with a team option for next year) and/or Raja Bell ($3 million plus two more years) and help the Jazz get to that tax-free line while using its small assets to make small improvements to the roster.

8 Or, as long as we're playing Amateur GM:

DB.com's Kammrath is playing with a way to move out from under the Mavs' long-term commitment to Brendan Haywood. Consider:

Haywood + Butler for Kirilenko + Miles.
That sort of deal would get Utah under the tax line, would get the Mavs some help at the 3 and would get the Mavs out of long-term money owed to Haywood.

Again, we're spit-balling here. … Note too that with Favors going to Utah, the Jazz are suddenly bloated with 4's with talent ...

9 How about Deron Williams coming home to DFW when he becomes a free agent in 2012? The best odds are that he ends up staying with the Brooklyn Nets, which by that time might have some cache – and the stroke to add another stud alongside him.

10 Remember, from a media standpoint, is that it's always easy to simply respond to every rumor or even every sourced report by saying, "That's unlikely'' or "that's a longshot.'' Odds are, the media person will be right in dismissing stories thusly … but won't have to do an iota of research to be right, because there are hundreds of discussions occurring between teams right now – and the sheer mathematics makes a single one of those discussions "unlikely'' to happen.

Deron-to-NJ was the "unlikeliest'' of "unlikely-to-happens'' … and it just happened.

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