All-Access Practice:'s Video Look-See

Roddy B's b'day. Exclusive video of Jet's shooting drills and Ian-vs.-Big Wood. Rick Carlisle's presser. You want to see what is looks like inside Mavs practice? (And what you get when you try our Buy One Month/Get One Free deal?) C'mon inside!

The show must go on: Everyone in the NBA has been so focused on the trade deadline that mundane activities like, oh, you know, a midweek practice, may go unnoticed. (Everyone, that is, except for because we have 75 sets of eyes and ears everywhere.)

There ARE, in fact, activities going on with the Mavs that do not involve trade deadline chatter. Including Coach Carlisle discussing last night's win and the overall state of the team:

Joyeux Anniversaire: Roddy B celebrates his 23rd birthday today. The only present he (and Mavs fans) wanted this year was his presence felt on the court by the time this day came. His debut has come and gone, so now it's time to focus on getting more consistent every day.

"Every game is getting better," Roddy said. "From last year for sure."

When asked how he felt about having practice on his birthday, Roddy B responded jokingly, "It's messed up."

Here are the rest of Roddy's thoughts on his continued progression and his birthday plans for the day:

Roddy can now have his cake and eat it too, as there was a cake waiting for him in the locker room after practice.

Oh and for the record, we can now officially designate "for sure" as Roddy's pet English phrase. Roddy's "for sure'' = Dirk's "obviously.''

The Jet gets work done in the hangar: Recently after every practice and shoot around, Jason Terry can be caught on the court perfecting offensive moves. We have the footage right here exclusively on

You can see Jet working on just about every scoring option that he can. Minutes at the guard position for the Mavs aren't exactly a given right now, so a little extra work can't hurt.

Always one for a nice post-practice interview, Jason Terry dove into a number of subjects. He even made some time to talk about the rivalry with the Spurs, as he seems to do so often.

"This is like Thrilla in Manila Part 3," Jet said. "The trilogy!"

That was nice of Jet to leave out the Mavs' 7-Game series win in 2006. Ya know, for the Spurs' sake.

Here's the rest of what our favorite Mavs spokesmodel had to say:

Ian and Woody: No, that's not the name of a new kid's television show coming out. It just represents the intense, spirited one-on-one workout that Mahinmi and Haywood had against each other after practice. Here is the exclusive footage of the two going at it while displaying some post moves, jump shots, and big time competitiveness:

Afterwards, Ian continued working on his own on some baseline jumpers in the spots where he seems to always find himself open during games. This caught coach Carlisle's eye, who wandered over to watch.

Apparently, this tightened Ian up.

"Relax." Coach Rick said. "Relax and your shot will flow better."

Quoteboard: "Glad the deadline is over now me & my teammates can focus on the ultimate goal!'' – TY via Twitter.

The Schedule: Dallas starts a three-game roadie on Saturday at the Washington. (Fish will be part of the FS Southwest broadcast team for that one). On Sunday, the Mavs are at Toronto, and yes, will be reppin' on TV and is also hosting our Get-Together at Esparza's in historic downtown Grapevine! Come join us!

Let's all relax: As MFFLs, we should all take this advice too. By now, you've seen the trade deadline come and go without the Mavs making a move.

"It's a sign that chemistry is real important," Donnie Nelson said after the deadline passed. "And when you've got it, don't mess with it."

The Mavs definitely have it. The trade deadline is passed and despite not making a move, the Dallas Mavericks are well-equipped to take a real shot at this thing.

Let's breathe … while knowing that will keep digging for what didn't happen, and why.

Mavsellaneous: Coach Carlisle was seen doing extra work with Roddy B and JJ on the side. He made them run extra too… Dojo attended practice and shot free throws while wearing a boot… Shawn Marion and Peja seem to always pair up after practice and work on free throws… No trade is better than a bad trade. Right? … Holger was at practice again, overseeing everything from the balcony… DeShawn Stevenson was heckling Haywood for about five minutes to go do an interview. They seem like they're really close friends … Everyone attended practice except Caron and we don't blame him with the trade chatter so prevalent… Peja was 23-for-25 behind the arc after practice… Peja works on shooting more than anyone. There is a reason why he is one of the best ever. … Donnie says the Dallas Mavericks as presently constructed deserve the chance "for a run for the roses.''

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