Saturday Donuts: How Far Can Mavs Climb?

Saturday Morning Mavs Donuts and just how many wins might the Mavs rattle off here? Plus, our plans to visit with you on Sunday evening, and a TV 'experiment' for tonight's Mavs-Wiz pregame show on FS Southwest ...

DONUT 1: Wanna get WAY ahead of ourselves? Look at the Dallas Mavericks schedule. They sit at 41-16. ... and oddsmakers will have them the faves in the next six games (at least). I know Rick Carlisle and others will hate me even suggesting this, but ...

There's little reason to think the Mavericks cannot keep rolling ... be on a streak that eventually gets to 20 wins in 21 games or so. ... and get to March 9 and be 47-16.

I know. Getting ahead of ourselves.

DONUT 2: Wrestling with fan racism and the NBA.

Sorry, Buzz ... but I find myself at games and watching games with loads of young white males ... ages 14 to 28 or so ... and I don't see or hear racism. I just see and hear them enjoying Dirk and Jet and Tyson and JJB and Kidd and Roddy B. Germans, Americans, whites, blacks, Puerto Ricans ... I just don't see the problems being raised here.

DONUT 3: TV this weekend: Tonight, we'll do the Mavs-Wizards pregame show at 6:30 via online streaming on the FS Southwest website ... and then we're on TV for the postgame, featuring Ro Blackman and yours truly.

And then on Sunday, we've got a 5 p.m. tip so I've got pregame and postgame duties on FS Southwest starting at 4:30 ... with our party (read on) and Mavs-Raptors in between!


What does our man MDug think of the OKC trades?

Gone are Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic, replaced by Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson from Boston, while D.J. White and Morris Peterson are on their way to Charlotte for Nazr Mohammed.

The addition of Kendrick Perkins to a young squad already defined by two rising stars, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, carries the promise of a seismic shift within the Western Conference. Whether it comes in the next 26 games, or a step further down the road, we don't know. But …

With the introduction of Perkins, who provided the epitome of an interior presence defined by gritty toughness while serving as the starting center for the Boston Celtics, and to a lesser degree Mohammed, the Thunder have corrected their most glaring weakness: the lack of a defensive-minded center to protect the paint and collect rebounds amidst the length of the top teams in the Western Conference, from Pau Gasol to Tim Duncan to Tyson Chandler.

Beginning with the internal shift, in Krstic, the Thunder traded a center ranked 38th among centers in rebounding. Perkins is 11th. Combine the vast difference in proficiency on the boards with an equal upgrade in defensive abilities, and one area of improvement is immediately clear, yet the transition carries on to the next position.

With his three-point shot eroding to a career-low 30.4 percent and an inability to control the paint at either end of the court, Jeff Green, while a talented player, was never an ideal fit beside Kevin Durant. Often outmatched from the tip, Green was asked to match up with opposing power forwards, allowing Durant to prowl his natural small forward position.

Paired with Krstic, Green's weaknesses were further magnified, as he ranked 26th in rebounding among power forwards on pace to accumulate 800 rebounds or play in at least 70 games this season.

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DONUT 7: Love ESPN. I do radio at ESPN! I'm part of the family! But I am bothered by the "Breaking News" scroll that hollers at me about how the Cowboys (drafting ninth) are planning to talk with QB Cam Newton (maybe the ninth best player) when the whole gang assembles at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Isn't EVERY TEAM going to talk to him?

DONUT 8: Please join our Dallas Mavericks FISH Facebook Page ... prizes to be won, fun to be had, friends to be made! C'mon!

Oh, and speaking of which: We hope to see you on Sunday evening at Esparza's in Grapevine! Famous for Tex-Mex, Notorious for Margaritas, the iconic restaurante is hosting our Mavs Get-Together starting at 5 p.m. when the Mavs-at-Raptors tips off. We'll hand out some UberMan shirts from the Store, maybe I'll buy you a shot, and we might even have a special guest or two! Please come join us!


DONUT 9: Our man Ryan at MavCowTickets is putting together ways for you to get Mavs Round 1 Playoff tickets! Yes, in response to so many questions, they are available to purchase NOW. Let me promise you: Tickets will not be in hand for anybody until late March/early April, but Ryan will take personal care to get you what you need ... regular-season, playoffs, you name it. Check him out!

DONUT 10: So does Joe Dumars catch any crap for this? He says the Pistons are family and that he wants to keep older guys as mentors, etc ... And then the older guys stage a walkout on their coach, the coach oversees a game in which he plays only the non-walkout guys ... all this on the heels of Joe Dumars' giving that contract to Rip and then failing to dump him, trading away Billups, overpaying for Ben and Charlie V and not getting Tayshaun out of there.

We've written for months what a mess that place is. It's one of the many reasons we focused so much on Tayshaun. Now it's more of a mess than ever ... but Joe D at least has his veterans providing leadership ... as they lead the other guys in walkouts.

DONUT 11: Magic Johnson tweets that the "West is four-team race now: Spurs, Mavs, Lakers, Thunder, and my favorite is still the Lakers to take it.''

Stunning opinions there from Magic Johnson.

DONUT 12: As we know, Tony Cubes is upset that the NBA allowed/engineered the NBA-owned Hornets' trade to take on salary. "That's just wrong," Cuban said. "That's just wrong. That's just absolutely, positively wrong.''

Cuban's right. And he's miffed enough that Bodog is now taking odds on whether the NBA will fine him for being miffed.

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