Monday Morning Mavs Show-Biz Donuts

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts as we try not to wind up in Charlie Sheen's octagon or in the path of his fire-breathing fists. ... It's a show-bizzy box of Donuts!

DONUT 1: The Dallas Mavericks are now 32-3 when scoring 100 points. This is not a substantial number in the sense that it's more "magical'' than 99 points … as long as Dallas ends up winning 99-98 or whatever.

But I do believe there is a psychology to it when it comes to players, players who spend their days working on exacting precision when it comes to everything from the time to board the airplane to the execution of plays:

A nice round number like 100 MEANS something psychologically.

DONUT 2: The Sunday night setting on the FS Southwest set? We had Oscar Fever! And it was John Rhadigan's last night at FS Southwest as he is Rangers-bound ... Enjoy!

DONUT 3: The Matrix is on a seven-game run during which he's averaging seven rebounds, a steal and 15.4 points per game on 58.3-percent shooting. Marion is epitomizing Carlisle's training-camp insistence on "Role Acceptance,'' as he's doing this while coming off the bench, while not always finishing and while so rarely getting any plays called for him.

Impressive stuff.

DONUT 4: A Bob Ortegel sighting!

Greatly adding to the cache of our Mavs Get-Together at Esparza's in Grapevine on Sunday: Coach O.

A great time was had by all. Famous for Tex-Mex, Notorious for Margaritas, and best of all, talkin' hoops with Bob.

"I haven't missed a minute of a game,'' said Ortegel, the iconic Mavs TV analyst recently dismissed after 23 years of service. "I still watch. ... so I might as well watch with you guys!''

Bob O says he roots for the Mavs as hard as ever ... and maybe gets to do so a little more demonstratively from his living room (or from Esparza's) than he allowed himself to do while alongside Mark Followill.

"Oh, I very much believe in them,'' Bob O said. "I watch as a coach, and I watch as a commentator. But I am also enjoying watching as a Mavs fan. I'll always be a Mavs fan.''

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DONUT 6: In a four-day span, the Heat lost to budding powers Chicago (on Thursday) and New York (on Sunday, a 91-86 loss in Miami). I'm not sure it should be "troubling'' for the Heat, exactly, though Miami does seem to struggle against quality teams (highlighted, of course, by their foibles against Dallas).

But as with the Lakers' imperfections, it does keep things interesting. That Heat-Lakers lock for the NBA Finals? Not yet. Not yet.

DONUT 7: I'm amused at the mainstream media's "confusion'' over the origin of the Mark Cuban-vs.- Buzz Bissinger war on Twitter.

Don't you people read

We addressed this both in print and on 105.3 The Fan over the weekend: Buzz thinks white people don't like the NBA. Cuban, catching up with that opinion on Sunday, tweeted that "Buzz Bissinger is a coward."

I know Cuban well. I know Buzz just a little bit. Neither of these pit bulls will extract his teeth from the other. … until maybe they meet in person on Tuesday in Philly (Buzz's hometown) for a photo op.

DONUT 8: Please join our Dallas Mavericks FISH Facebook Page ... prizes to be won, fun to be had, friends to be made! C'mon! Among the swag: We'll give out some UberMan shirts from the Store!


DONUT 9: Our man Ryan at MavCowTickets is putting together ways for you to get Mavs Round 1 Playoff tickets! Yes, in response to so many questions, they are available to purchase NOW. Let me promise you: Tickets will not be in hand for anybody until late March/early April, but Ryan will take personal care to get you what you need ... regular-season, playoffs, you name it. Check him out!

DONUT 10: (UPDATE: I'm at the doctor with Mama Fish! Yes, she's OK! But my Donut wasn't ... now it's fixed!)

Geez, I'm sick of non-NBA fans saying "The regular season is meaningless.''

It's meaningless, yes, if you are not a basketball fan.

The Oscars, attending church, Major League Baseball, Halle Berry, architecture, parenthood, travel, John Updike, golf, music, "30 Rock,'' sex … they're all "meaningless'' if you don't like ‘em, right?

DONUT 11: We got an early scare for Dirk on Sunday in Toronto when he became entangled with a Raptor and came up limping a bit, not putting weight on his right knee.


The UberMan shook it off, though, keying the 114-98 win with 31 points and 13 rebounds (!) and something more for the weekend: 21 free-throw tries in the b2b games at Washington and Toronto. He's healthy … and his willingness and ability to get to the line seems like proof.

DONUT 12: As we approach 1,000 Mavs Premium subscribers (yeah, the FOX folks are rather astounded by the community), I continue to get notes like this one:

Hey Fish,

Watching the Mavs Premium Access of Dirk's "Damn!" session shooting 3's, I noticed how good he was shooting the corner 3 and while watching, thought, "Man, he needs to get to that shot in games!"

Then, on Sunday afternoon in Toronto, there he was...with a couple of big 3's from that very spot on the floor!

Without the Mavs Premium Access, I would have never noticed this subtle wrinkle in Dirk's use of floor space or hot-shot ability from that spot ... once again proving a good investment of my ten cents a day!


What's ‘MFFL' talking about? This:

So ... who wants to come to Mavs practice with

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