Donuts: Catch-Up Video; TY Out 2 Games?

Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts. We've got notes on Dallas' win at Philly, the Mavs Podcast today at noon and how the Mavs are ready to put some heat on the Spurs - despite TY's ankle injury (UPDATE: He might miss just two games? Whew)... Oh, and if you missed the game, please allow Fish & Ro on FS Southwest to catch you up with video!

DONUT 1: The Dallas Mavericks' story on Tuesday begins and ends with the Tyson Chandler ankle injury.

With a minute left in the first half, Chandler contested a Spencer Hawes' shot and when both men came down, TY's right foot landed on Hawes' right foot.

TY went to the floor. And when he later walked off and left the game for good, he was in obvious pain with a sprained ankle.

"I'm OK,'' Tyson tweeted last last night. "It's only a sprain.''

The Mavs went on to win, 101-93 -- Dallas' 17th success in 18 tries. In the second half, Brendan Haywood was more than capable (seven points, four rebounds, two blocks in 22 minutes) ... except for his FT struggles. Big Wood was 1-of-6 from the line ...


DONUT 2: And here's the thing: TY can miss a few games; the upcoming schedule features Indy, Memphis and Minny. UPDATE: The Mavs said today that Tyson is expected to miss "two games.''

That's a bullet dodged ... and it's Big Wood's Big Chance.

And he can help this team win at the line.

Sounds crazy, but here's what FT coach Gary Boren and the rest of the Mavs staff is about to remind Brendan, who is a 35-percent free-thrower this year:

One, he CAN do this. In Big Wood's career, he's actually shot above 70 percent once. And even if he just settles in at his career average of 53 percent (poor enough), he can remain on the floor at game's end.

Two, the opportunity exists for him to be an offensive difference-maker if he can up his FT makes. Check this out: In the last five games he's played (Sac, Phoenix, Utah, Wiz, Sixers), he's been given 29 free-throw attempts.

How potentially strong is that? In the same five games, Dirk Nowitzki has 27 attempts.

DONUT 3: Mike Bacsik, a baseball man who froths at the mouth over his Mavs, runs the Mavs Podcast today and every Wednesday. It starts at noon, you and I hang on for the ride, and you can listen to it
... right here! No Mavs practice today, so let's occupy ourselves with the Mavs Podcast!


DONUT 4: A quick note on the buyout dudes (as Dallas waits to hear back from Corey Brewer): They didn't need to have signed on March 1 to be playoff-eligible. They just needed to have been waived by their old team by then. The next deadline: Such a player can sign with his new team right up until the final hour of the final day of the regular season and still by playoff-eligible.

DONUT 5: Did you miss the game? Ro Blackman, Dana Larson and I get you caught up right here:

DONUT 6: You see them on TV. You see them at the AAC. This week, you'll see them in Dirk's locker. It's the Fish-tested, Dirk-approved 'TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!' from the Store!

DONUT 7: There are hysterics and there are punchlines (lots of punchlines) and then there is this: "An Addict's View Of Charlie Sheen,'' by Brian Cuban. Smart, fair, even-handed, first-person thoughts. Well done, Brian.

DONUT 8: Please join our Dallas Mavericks FISH Facebook Page ... prizes to be won, fun to be had, friends to be made! C'mon! I seem nice!

DONUT 9: Jason Terry says the Mavs are "underrated.'' And basically unnoticed.

Well, no. The Mavs are "under'' nobody's "radar.'' But if it provides Jet and mates with an imaginary hurdle to jump over ... imagine away.

DONUT 10: Congratulations to Rick Carlisle, the Western Conference Coach of the Month. The reasoning behind the honor is made obvious by Philly's Doug Collins, who won the Eastern award:

"I kidded with (Carlisle) before the game and said, 'Does your team ever play a bad game?'" Collins said.

DONUT 11: Did the Spurs just discover what Dallas already knew (over and over and over again)? That it's a culture-shocking challenge to attempt to continue winning despite an injury?

We all know that the Spurs in this era have endured injuries before. But the Spurs this year? Not until last night, when SA had to oppose Memphis without Tony Parker (who might miss a month with a calf problem) and got blown away, 109-93.

And now Dallas is behind by just five games.

Too much? Probably ... but will Parker really be out for a month? If so, that means he will miss upcoming Spurs meetings with the Heat and the Lakers ... and then in two weeks, meetings with the Heat and ... the Mavericks.

Spurs at Mavs. March 18. Save the date.

DONUT 12: The best Mavs coverage anywhere on the planet? It's right here on, and it's in evidence 24 hours a day. Our piece on the Mavs-Philly game expands into a comparison of the Mavs at this time last year with the Mavs right now ... Five Key Improvements analyzed like only can do it. ... There's no practice today, but on Thursday, the whole 75-Member Staff will be in attendance at the Mavs workout at the AAC, bringing you every sight and sound ... and RIGHT NOW on this so-called "off day,'' we play 'Coach 'Em Up' to bring you the X-and-O work of Peja and the corner 3, using words and pictures and video. Here... it's The Presence of Peja. Take a FREE SNEAK PEEK! It's all about a dime-a-day, a way for you to support the site and to join the most informed and entertained Mavs fans in the world! C'mon! Go Mavs and Go Premium!

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