Chandler: 'I'm OK. It's Just A Sprain'

They are talking about the win, of course. A 17th in 18 outings. They are also talking about the loss, though. ... the injury loss of Tyson Chandler. Let's go into the Mavs-Sixers locker rooms for Quoteboard:

The Philadelphia 76ers have pulled themselves into the playoff picture in the East after a 3-13 start with hard work, balanced offense, and an outstanding bench. Coach Doug Collins was just named the Eastern Conference Coach of the Month (our Rick Carlisle wins the West). They might surprise somebody come playoff time. For now, the Mavericks take care of business in the East with a 101-93 victory. Thank the Jasons -- Terry with 30 points, and Kidd with Triple Double 107.


Mavericks Basketball on Offense, briefly . . .

"Shoot the ball, share the ball." -Dirk Nowitzki

Thoughts on the reserves . . .
"The truth is both teams bring a lot of there better players off the bench. It's one of the reasons that they've had a lot of success in recent months and it's one of the keys to how well we've played in the last three or fours weeks. So, the bench battle is gonna be a key battle for us every night, because we rely heavily on our guys and we need to have balance." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About perseverance, confidence, and the sheer will to get things done . . .

"This is a special team in terms of focus. We don't want anybody to be hurt, but when you have this type of team, we have a special ability for sticking with things." -Jason Kidd

"Anybody on our team is capable of going out there and having a big night. It just so happened it was Jason and Jason on this night. We have so much experience that any one of us can do it on any given night and that gives us added confidence as a group." -Shawn Marion

"Good teams can crank it down on you late, and that's what they did to us tonight." -Coach Doug Collins

His personal choice for Play of the Game -- with 52 seconds left, Jason Terry secures a rebound and breaks away for an uncontested dunk . . .
"That one possession signified what that game meant to us." -Jason Terry

Wow, Jason Terry and his season high 30 points . . .
"The key was Jet. I haven't seen him in a zone like that in a long time. He showed us the whole package tonight. It was fun to watch." -Dirk Nowitzki

Professional respect for Philadelphia and their head coach Doug Collins . . .
"He's had a massive effect here. Last year, they were an undisciplined team all year. This year, after a difficult start, they're one of the best teams in basketball record-wise. I don't think anybody in the East wants to see them in the playoffs.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

A silly rhetorical question . . .

"I kidded with (Carlisle) before the game and said, 'Does your team ever play a bad game?'" -Coach Doug Collins

Focusing on the postseason -- only twenty-two games left . . .

"This was another dress rehearsal for the playoffs. San Antonio is playing extremely well. So are the Lakers. We have to keep playing consistent basketball, especially as we get closer to the playoffs." -Jason Kidd

Eeek! Tyson Chandler left the game after a bad fall at the end of the second . . .eeek!

"I don't know the severity or any kind of timetable . . . We'll see how long he's out, or if he's out. If we're going to lose him for a couple games, or a few games or whatever, Brendan and Ian are going to have to carry us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We're concerned about Tyson. Losing him in the second half hurt, but Brendan and Ian got the job done." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Thank you everyone for the Get Wells I'm ok just a sprain." -Tyson Chandler via Twitter.

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