Vote For The Dirkie: Mavs Top 76ers 101-96

Philly's one of those teams that can be considered better than their reputation - able coaching, balanced scoring, hard work on defense. Against the Mavs though, the best that can be said is they were competetive up until the last five minutes or so. Sailors get the Navy Cross; for Player of the Game, we've got the Gold Dirkie.

Who gets the salute?

Player of the Game, Mavericks 101, Sixers 96 - Vote Here!

Jason Terry -- season-high 30 points

Jason Kidd -- the Iron Houdini notches Triple D #107

Dirk Nowitzki -- 22 points, 6 boards, plays defense

Shawn Marion -- 10-10 double-double

Jose Juan Barea -- biggest bad-guy headache in the NBA

Brendan Haywood -- steps up with 7 and 4

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