All-Access Pass: A Brewer-Centric Practice

We take you inside the Mavs' Thursday practice with Your All-Access Pass: Every quote, every interview, exclusive video, Corey Brewer talk, laughs, sweat, hugs and Dirk flexing on the mo-fo's ... Oh, and the guy causing so much frustration that Roddy B is kicking-mad and DeShawn is throwing himself into the wall. You want in?

SOMETHING BREWING: The 75-Member Staff approached Thursday's Dallas Mavericks at the AAC assuming coach Rick Carlisle – planning to speak to the media before the 1 p.m. timing that would make Corey Brewer's passing-through-waivers-to-the-Mavs official – would "no-comment'' his way through the subject. Imagine our surprise when it took .2 seconds for the first question about the would-be pickup and Rick was forthcoming … and loaded with praise.

"If he can help us get one stop at the right time, it's a good move for us," said Carlisle, echoing some of the things they organization said during its pursuit of Tayshaun Prince.

If Corey Brewer can have one successful playoff stint while guarding, say, Manu?


One more stop against Kobe?


Rick says Brewer passed up "more money'' from other bidders to come to Dallas. We know that the Spurs, Celtics and Mavericks were the finalists for his services after having been dealt from Minny to NYK and then bought out … and it looks like a three-year contract of about $7 million is what secures him here.

Dirk on Brewer: "I think he's gonna fit in nice. He's a hard worker, as far as I've heard. He's a good guy, and that's what we always look for. He's going to fit in the locker room and we're going to make him feel welcomed … We're going to try to make it as easy as we can on him."

Rick on Brewer: "From what we know about him...he's a terrific kid and a hard worker and an energetic guy so he fits in. … it's a very good move for the franchise."

One more Rick: "He knows how to win."

DIRK: LAKERS ‘HEAVY FAVORITES': The UberMan played the "under the radar'' card in respect to his Mavs … and then played the respect card in regard to the Lakers.

"I think the Lakers to me are still the heavy favorite in the West,'' Dirk said. "After that, there are a bunch of teams bundled up. But I still think the Lakers are the heavy favorite in the West.''

Nowitzki cited the Spurs and the Mavs and he tossed Portland in there, too.

Note that he feels pretty good about his own team and its chances against LA.

"We can match up with their length when we're all healthy,'' Dirk said. "It should be a fun matchup if we see them.''

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UNHAPPY ANNIVERSARY: It was a year ago today when Mavericks guard Jason Terry's face committed a foul on Corey Brewer's elbow.

It was Mavs-vs.-Minnesota, and Terry's new teammate was the unintentional perpetrator … though Jet still cannot believe he's the guy who was called for the foul.

It was bloody … but no there's no bad blood.

"He didn't do it intentionally,'' Terry said, "so it's all good.''

Jet actually came back into that game and scored 26 points to help Dallas win 112-109. Afterwards, though, doctors determined that Terry had sustained a fractured left orbital bone. Jet missed five games and was fitted for a protective plastic mask that he wore intermittently for the reason of the season.

Again, no bad blood … but the usually jovial Jet isn't clowning on the subject of injuries, either.

"The last two years,'' he reminded, "I've been injured at the end of the season. So I'm just trying to stay healthy this year, and hopefully everybody can stay healthy so we can get through it.''

Now that Jet's face and Corey's elbow are on the same team, that goal just got easier.

SPECIAL REQUEST VIDEOS: Yes, we're like an FM radio station. We are long-playing, and we take requests.

You asked to see some video of Jet working through offensive drills.


Coolest thing about Jet's individual workout? He found instructor Tim Grugrich and gave him a nice, appreciative hug.

Oh, and one of you wanted to check out DoJo hobbling around. Dominique wasn't at the media portion of practice today, but we can dig into the Video Vault from last week and …


MAVSELLANEOUS: Players hooted and chanted "Holger! Holger!'' to playfully get the attention of Dirk's mentor when Nowitzki missed a shot or two … The Matrix has spent two days raving about the movie "Hall Pass.'' It looks like nothing more than "The Hangover 5'' to us … Tyson Chandler, expected to miss two games with a sprained ankle, was not present for the media session. But Jet talked about him: "Missing Tyson, it's his emotional spirit,'' Jet said. "If something happens in the game you always hear Tyson, ‘Come on, man, let's get it together.' You always hear his voice. So, hopefully he'll still be on the bench. (Because) not hearing his voice, it's going to be a tough adjustment.'' …

BIG WOOD ON THE BIG STAGE: Well, we witnessed him making nine consecutive free throws.

That's a start.

Carlisle has expectations for Haywood – expectations we believe Big Wood can meet, given the way he often responds to being thrown a bone (as starting in the place of the injured TY certainly is).

"We want consistent, solid play,'' Rick said. We're not looking for him to score a ton of points...we want him to play within our system."

Yeah, there have been some ups and down for Brendan this season. And he even talked about them … sorta.

Example: Big Wood was asked to evaluate his performance this year.

"I don't know," he replied.

Um, OK. Next question.

"Coming off the bench is definitely a little different," Haywood said referring to the change that will come with starting. "You're playing a lot of times with a different group, the rotations are a little different, the flow is a little different, and so it's an adjustment. But we're all pros here and there's things we have to do."

PUERTO RICO VS. THE WORLD: After practice, if you watched any of the shooting games going on, chances are JJ Barea was involved. For some reason he was extra hyped up today.

JJ brought it against DeShawn, Peja, and then eventually Roddy B.

You could tell how hyped up he was because he had the bravado to challenge Peja. Very few have the chops to go toe-to-toe with Peja, but that's JJ Barea in a nutshell.

One of the Mavs Coaches while feeding JJ balls to shoot, "See when he starts puckering that lip, he's serious."

Watch here to see how it all went down:

So, by our reckoning, JJ won against DeShawn and Roddy B, but fell short against Peja despite holding his own pretty well.

But this battle wasn't done yet …

THE FINAL WORD: It started when Dirk gave JJB the business for having lost a 3-point-shooting contest to Peja (no crime there).

Dirk: "Hey JJ! I heard (from Peja) you just got your ass busted!"

It continued when Barea snuck up behind Dirk during a media session and made fun of him for wearing the sleeveless practice jersey without his trademark two additional shirts underneath.

Yeah, Dirk, why are you breaking Dallas Mavericks tradition by going sleeveless?

"Sometimes,'' Dirk deadpanned, I gotta flex on these mo-fos.''

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