FOLLOWILL'S 5: Mavs Road-Trippin' Questions

You've got questions? Mavs play-by-play voice Mark Followill - on the road with the team at this moment - has answers. No Peja tonight. No CP3 tonight. We'll see about TY. From Roddy B to Charlie Sheen, it's 'Followill's 5'!

1. What percentage of full health is Roddy playing at in your opinion? - StrikerV

FOLLOWILL: I think in terms of his foot having healed, there is every reason to assume that he's fully healthy. The issue is about rust and conditioning. In that regard, he's certainly not at 100 percent. Roddy B says that himself.

Different situations might bring different results, of course. We've just learned that Peja won't play tonight, and apparently Chris Paul won't, either. Still waiting on Tyson Chandler news. So injuries, opponents, different situations ... we'll see how it all adds up for Roddy B tonight and moving forward.

2. Set aside your personal opinion on who should be playing the lion's share of 2-guard minutes. How would the TEAM react if a significant portion of Jason Terry's role was sliced off and given to Beaubois? Do you think that would cause problems in the Dallas Mavericks locker-room? - theKillerLeft

FOLLOWILL: If somebody is set to help the team win, there isn't going to be a problem with it in that locker room. Specifically about those two players, Jet is on a roll where in the last 13 or 14 games, he's been pretty fantastic.

3. Which announcers does Followill listen to in order to improve? - JayinKerrville

FOLLOWILL: There is a long list of guys I enjoy, and many of them are on the list of usual suspects because their greatness has been recognized by them doing national work. Mike Breen does such a great job, and it is instructive to me because of how he interacts with a three-man team, which is what we do with our home games. Mike Tirico is so good at everything he does. I listened to Marv Albert when he was doing the Nets games from London and hearing him do the local stuff is special. Kevin Calabro is very talented. Like I say, the usual suspects, and a list too long to get to everyone.

4. Mark, did you ever feel the urge to turn around to other announcers and correct their most nonsensical statements like "Dirk is 6-foot-11" or "Kidd shooting the three. That's normally not his kind of shot"? - Mongorr

FOLLOWILL: Sometimes when I'm watching a game, I make note of those sorts of things to myself. But it's not like I'm going to get on Twitter and call anybody out. I know the challenges of the job, do I won't be condemning anybody for their errors. I think we're all working to get it right, and I understand when we don't.

5. Charlie Sheen thoughts? – Fish

FOLLOWILL: I am amused by some of his musings on Twitter. But it certainly feels like we are watching someone unravel before our eyes. I think we in society have a certain masochistic tendency here … I guess you try to balance some concern with trying to have some fun with it. I mean, we've worked "cosmic fastball'' into the telecasts a couple of times!

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