FOLLOWILL 5: SA or LA? Which Is More Feared?

Mavs play-by-play voice Mark Followill checks in from the road trip in Portland and dishes on his eyeballs, his soccer team, his future ... and whether Dallas should have more 'fear' of the Spurs or the Lakers ...

1. Why haven't you had Lasik and ditched the glasses?

FOLLOWILL: Well, my eyesight isn't bad enough. Glasses make my vision better, but I'm about 20/40. So I don't use glasses all the time. It's not a life-changing need sort of thing, as I have astigmatism. Glasses do help me be more precise in what I see during games – I want to make sure I get all the numbers right!

2. Where do you see yourself in five years?

FOLLOWILL: Great question! I am very happy and fortunate to have my association with the Mavs. Down the line, I'd certainly like the opportunity to try my hand at doing some supplementary work on the national level. But my roots are in Dallas and my family is here and the Mavericks are the team I have my relationship with. So in five years, I'd be honored to be involved with the Dallas Mavericks as I am now!

3. Why do the NBA games tip off well after the scheduled time?

FOLLOWILL: It's set that way so things actually start about 10 minutes after that listed time. That gives the time to get in the National Anthem and the introductions ... and of course, for TV purposes, the commercials!

4. What's your favorite soccer team? I hear you are into it!

FOLLOWILL: Arsenal! The reasons: I've enjoyed soccer since the time I served as the PA announcer for the Dallas Burn/FC Dallas. And then came the suggestion from several friends that I adopt a Premier League team. So I chose Arsenal, for a few reasons. To me, Arsenal seems like the Premier League version of the Mavs. They have some of the same blessings and curses of the Mavs, in the sense that they have talent and really good teams – but never quite good enough, so far. When it comes time for the trophies, they've come up empty-handed. Additionally, the manager is Arsene Wenger, who seems like a combination of Nellie being a mad scientist and an offensive-minded coach and Mark Cuban in how he voices his displeasure with officials. So there is a Mavs flavor there.

5. Which team do you think is a greater test for the Mavs, the Spurs or the Lakers?

FOLLOWILL: Oh, I don't think there is any question about it: The Lakers. The Lakers have the length, they have the closer in Kobe and they are the defending champs – and I look at it as they are the champions until that is taken away from them. None of this is disrespect to the Spurs, but the Mavs have established that they can beat San Antonio in a series. LA is different in the sense that the Mavs haven't even experienced that challenge. And to anybody who slept on LA when they had a few struggles? Big mistake. They will be quite a challenge.

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