'Man, This Is A Tough One' - Dirk In Portland

Mavs-at-Portland: The Talk Of The Locker Rooms! They said it following the 104-101 Mavs loss, and we scribbled as fast as we could ... Quoteboard!

Question -- how does a Dallas Mavericks team lose a game if they shoot almost sixty percent from the floor? By surrendering offensive rebounds (18 second chance points), turning the ball over (22 points off turnovers), and putting Portland on the line (18-23 free throws). A missed three at the horn and Portland takes it, 104-101. With that, Dallas drops to third in the conference. If there's character to be found and built in adversity, the Mavericks must find and build. Fast.

About manufacturing shots -- Portland had 85, Dallas 67 . . .
"I think the story of the game was just the possessions. They got 18 more shots up than we did, because we struggled to finish off possessions and they got a lot of offensive rebounds. And the turnovers they forced turned into 22 points and we forced seven that turned into eight, so that's a huge difference. That to me is the biggest part of the game and down the stretch they made plays." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Man, this is a tough one. You shoot 60 percent on the road and lose, that's tough. Turnovers killed us down the stretch . . . We doubled them in turnovers and that really hurt us. Really, it was offensive rebounds in the first half and turnovers down the stretch." -Dirk Nowitzki

Oh boy, Brandon Roy and his 21 efficient points . . .
"You were like the '08-09 B-Roy tonight!" -Wesley Matthews

"That's the best I've seen him this year. He's feeling good with the minutes that hes been getting and we need to keep him there." -Coach Nate McMillan

"He made some tough shots and he looks like the Brandon Roy of old out there. If he shoots the ball like that they've got two legit go-to guys with Aldridge, who is playing phenomenal, and him. So, they're gonna be tough to beat in the playoffs whoever they see." -Dirk Nowitzki

"It's a process. I try to stay even keel with everything going on. Tonight, I felt great." -Brandon Roy

Regarding the final play -- a missed Nowitzki three from the left corner . . .
"In that situation you've love to get a completely unmolested shot, but it's difficult. I thought Dirk did a good job of creating a look and we just didn't get it down." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Actually it was a really good look for eight seconds. The ball actually got tipped and that stole another two seconds off the clock. Kidd had to run to the backcourt and get it, but for that I actually had a really good look. Faked out Wallace, three guys went with Jet, who was a big threat down the stretch, obviously, kicked it to me, let him fly by and had a good look at it. Down three, that's about as good of a look you're gonna get." -Dirk Nowitzki

In short . . .
"It was a good game. We've just got to learn from our mistakes out there." -Shawn Marion


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