UPDATE Mavs Donuts: 'Trix Out, Peja In

Sunday Mavs Donuts: Let's spitball, brainstorm and run up the flagpole some ways to work this thing out of the ditch, shall we? We begin with an UPDATE: Matrix is out for tonight and Peja is in ... plus, the math on clinching a playoff berth ...

DONUT 1: Going in, the Dallas Mavericks had an interesting decision with Shawn Marion tonight.

Marion had averaged 19.8 points in the four games before leaving Friday's loss to SA with a wrist injury (oh, and he was well on his way to scoring 19 or 20 in that game, too). Now he is listed as questionable for tonight's 6:30 tip at the AAC against Golden State.

Dallas needs him, on many levels. Somebody has to play some defense against a GS team that can score. Caron is down and Peja is probably down and the forward spot is getting a little thin. The Mavs could use a third weapon (heck, recently, they could use a second weapon) and 'Trix has been that guy, with 12.1 points and 6.8 boards per game. Smile

We reported on Saturday that we had a late-night social visit with Marion and that he did not seem in pain and wasn't even wearing a protect wrap on the wrist.

But ...

DONUT 2: There will be a temptation to rest him and his wrist. To wonder if you can't scoot through one home game against an inferior team without him, thus providing him almost a week of recovery time before he's required to play another game.

We know that's not the way 'Trix thinks. And Dallas' slump maybe doesn't allow for too much of such consideration. Oh, and if you've seen Dorell Wright play lately, somebody might want to guard him.

Stay tuned to DB.com (here and on the Mavs Twitterverse) for the latest ...

And the latest is: Matrix is out. Day-to-day with a wrist and maybe a pinky problem. Meanwhile, Peja is playing ...

DONUT 3: As sloppy as it seems the Mavs have been lately -- OK, "seems'' is too soft a word -- they still rank ninth in the league for fewest turnovers per game at 13.7. Oh, and that's only 0.1 behind the Spurs, a team nobody views as "sloppy.''

So crispness and efficiency is in them. Somewhere.

DONUT 4: Our man Michael Dugat visited with an NBA scout this weekend and came away with a glass-is-half-full evaluation of this year's Mavericks -- yes, even as they were trailing San Antonio by 18 on Friday:

"One of things the scout said to me,'' MDug reports, "is that Mavs teams of the past didnn't come back, as they did against the Spurs, from being both 18 down and being down in a game of that physical nature.''

So once again, are in search of positives that aren't really there? Or positives that we've seen often enough to believe that this recent skid is a mirage?

DONUT 5: I like being able to count on ...

Dirk making those free throws.

Nowitzki went 3-of-3 from the line on Friday, giving him 56 consecutive makes, extending what's already the longest streak in the NBA this season.

DONUT 6: I don't like being able to count on ...

The Mavs forcing themselves to overcome 18-point deficits. Down 18 at Golden State. Down 18 against the Spurs.

Yeah, yeah. They come back from down 18. But still ...

Here comes GS tonight again, 6:30 tip at the AAC.

Down 18 again?

"The guys battled in the second half like crazy," Dallas coach Rick Carlisle said of the Friday loss to the Spurs, but "battling like crazy'' in the second half also seems to suggest that they didn't "battle like crazy'' in the first half.


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DONUT 9: a knife-wielding man on the court at LA's Staples Center? Do not be alarmed. The locals know how to handle this after years of Baron Davis working on at Staples Center while wielding a fork.

DONUT 10: We've got a long-standing habit around here of noting Dallas' winning streaks against most foes. You know, "The Mavs have won 190 of their last 191 games against Charlotte,'' and stuff like that.

Dare we do it in preparation for tonight?

Dallas has won five straight over the Warriors, including both meetings this season.

Are you not comforted?

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DONUT 12: Dallas is 48-21 and with a win today combined with a loss by Phoenix (at LAC in an afternoon game), the Mavericks can wrap up a playoff spot for the 11th straight season.

That makes me happy. Join me ... lest I label you "spoiled.''

DONUT 13: The Mavs put in some minutes on Friday. So they took Saturday off, and even today's shootaround is shoved up against the actual pregame work for the 6:30 start. So it's really been a day-and-a-half off for the fellas. Interested to see if that pays off, and then, with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday free of games, interested to see if Carlisle puts the practice hammer down. Maybe Monday off, and then a couple of grinders on Tuesday and Wednesday? Plenty of time to hit the books, the film room and the practice court to work this damn thing out of the ditch.

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