FOLLOWILL 5: Five Takes From Inside The Mavs

Mavs play-by-play voice Mark Followill talks about Barea's future, Dirk's defense, his reading enjoyment of (!) and who the Mavs DON'T want to see in Round 1. It's Followill's 5!

1 How much do you think Dirk's attention/inattention to defense translates to the overall Dallas Mavericks team defense performance? How directly do you think it will translate into playoff success? - adyer

FOLLOWILL: Dirk's defense is important to the team because that's what defense is – it's a team thing. He compensates, I think, for his lack of mobility and the lack of some skills by being competitive and by being smart. You will see him not contest an early-game shot but that's not due to anything but his smart understanding that as the team's best offensive player, he will be needed later and so that one foul is worth avoiding.

He's learned that strip move, he blocks the occasional shot due to his size, at 7-0 and 240 he eats up space, and he is a student of what Dallas is doing on defense. That won't get him All-NBA Defense votes. But he is important and capable of helping Dallas' playoff defense from an intellectual and effort standpoint.

2 Please speak to the level of noise from the crowds at the AAC. I hear complaints that the fans in the arena are complacent but my experience, (the last game vs Golden State for instance), is a loud and rowdy crowd at any given game. … I believe the Mavs fans earned the loud and rowdy name they have! - Flamethrower42

FOLLOWILL: There are games when it is more quiet than you might like. But that is pretty standard in the NBA. Same with the artificial noise pumped in; that level high, but most arenas do that now, too, pumping things up. For my money, while there are some lulls in crowd noise, I'll always maintain that in Dallas, when it's a big game, a big play, a late basket, the AAC gets pretty damn loud. Rowdy, proud and loud!

3 You noted Barea was a bit displeased being subbed out for Beaubois in the 4th quarter against GSW last night.
Do you think this may be Barea's last season in Dallas?
- MrMak

FOLLOWILL: Harp and I made the point on the telecast that by reading his body language, JJ didn't want to come out of the game. But that is a good thing, really. The vast majority of players who've gotten to this level never want to come out – and maybe that's how they've achieved what they have. Should we be reading anything additional into JJ's body language? No.

4 How often do you (and other broadcasters) spend time surfing sports blogs like More specifically do you read - wkf04a

FOLLOWILL: Absolutely! I spend a great deal of time on the internet looking for information. is right there at the top of the list. When it comes to a clearinghouse for NBA information, there are a multitude of sites I go to, including HoopsHype and Inside Hoops. So yes, from traditional media sites like the Dallas Morning News to to Twitter, I am addicted to the information. There's too much good s*** out there to miss. … and yes, I'm getting my Premium Mavs subscription to, too!

5 Who do we NOT want to matchup with in the first round?- Heyarkay

FOLLOWILL: I sat down today and did some calculations and given all considerations, Dallas likely lands in the No. 3 spot and plays … Well, let me back up. Denver is playing extremely well. New Orleans has that voodoo curse on us down there. Portland is a tough place to win and now they really guard you. And Memphis is 3-1 against the Mavs this year.

All tough.

But after doing the calculations? I'd say we'd better get used to Portland or New Orleans. And having said that: Rick Carlisle talks often about this team wanting to ‘compete at the highest level,' which means a championship level. So if you are going to do that, there's no need to avoid teams. There's just the need to beat them.

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