Donuts: At The Casino With Dirk, Kidd & Mavs hobnobbed Monday at Kidd's Celebrity Casino Night and we've now got some issues answered. Kidd's arm. Dirk's summer plans. Cuban and Sheen. Nowitzki loves the symphony?! Oh, and allow us to break the true story on Kidd's ‘early-retirement' plans in the event of a lockout. It's Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts:

DONUT 1: Does Jason Kidd have an arm injury that nobody knows about?

The Dallas Mavericks can't have a bunch of non-scorers on the floor for extended periods of time. J-Kidd was a non-scorer last week at Portland and at Golden State. He livened up a bit Sunday against the Warriors … But we wonder if Kidd's lack of shooting stems from an arm injury we could've sworn we noticed he sustained late in the Lakers game.

Meanwhile …

DONUT 2: Jason Kidd says a lockout next year might force his retirement. Just how serious is he?

I'll tell you what: Why don't you just join me at Kidd's Casino Night on Monday and hear the answers yourself!

We've got tons of pictures, videos and notes from Casino Night … we'll try to get it all to you asap.

DONUT 3: Fish, did really donate $4000 to the Kidd Foundation cause?

A drop in the bucket compared to the $125,000 that was raised. But yeah, I believe I am now the proud auction-participating owner of a couple of autographed jerseys and a ladies cocktail ring. Oh, and a hangover, as I believe that before Kidd slipped something out of my wallet, he slipped something into my drink.

Seriously, a lot what we donated by bidding on items and stuff was done with YOUR dimes, if you know what I mean. So the Kidd Foundation thanks YOU, Dear Premium Mavs fan!

DONUT 4: What was wrong with Peja Stojakovic's neck? Or back? Or … KNEE!?

The Mavs Medical Shroud of Secrecy rules!


Peja rolled off the six-game couch to play the Warriors on Sunday and went for 17 points on 6-of-11 shooting … including 5-of-8 from three-point land.

Said Peja: "My knee was feeling much better, I felt that I had a good practice yesterday and I felt good enough to play. I was a little cautious in the beginning, worrying about it, but I didn't feel any pain."

Wait. Did he say knee?

The Mavs are handling this and related issue like they do in the NHL and NFL, where there are advantages to hiding injuries. No, actually they are handling them like they do in the CIA and FBI.

DONUT 5: What's up with Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen?

Cuban the TV Guy has moved on to ABC's "Shark Tank'' for the moment. Of course, while doing the media tour for ABC's show, he appeared on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel'' show. And because the whole gimmickry of that business is tied together somehow, Sheen made a "surprise'' appearance with Cuban and Kimmel last night.

It is my understanding that HDNet has some Sheen footage, but does it have value? I believe my original theory on this is being proven correct: Sheen went nuts one week (maybe on purpose) and spouted about 15 zany catchphrases.

In Week 2, the catchphrases started drying up. … proving that the writer is as important as the actor, that the actor is an instrument and that a piano cannot play itself.

But the self-promotional cogs keeps grindin'. ...

DONUT 6: Who do the Mavs want to avoid in the first round? columnist Mark Followill nails this:

From Followill: "I did some calculations and given all considerations, Dallas likely lands in the No. 3 spot and plays … Well, let me back up. Denver is playing extremely well. New Orleans has that voodoo curse on us down there. Portland is a tough place to win and now they really guard you. And Memphis is 3-1 against the Mavs this year.

"All tough.

"But after doing the calculations? I'd say we'd better get used to Portland or New Orleans. And having said that: Rick Carlisle talks often about this team wanting to ‘compete at the highest level,' which means a championship level. So if you are going to do that, there's no need to avoid teams. There's just the need to beat them.''

Let's add this about Memphis: If Rudy Gay is out for the year, as is being reported, Memphis isn't quite Memphis. Somebody catches a break there.

DONUT 7: How many movies does Shawn Marion watch per week? His Twitter account makes it look like he watches one per day?


Funny you should ask. We're working on a couple of movie-going projects with Marion right now that are in line with our "Matrix at The Movies'' . concept. Stay tuned.

DONUT 8: What about Dirk? He said this weekend he'd want to go into action for the German national team this summer. …

This isn't a Dallas Mavericks worry. This is an NBA worry.

What Dirk is saying is that if there is no basketball to be played in the league, he'll go play some basketball somewhere else. Professionally in Germany? That's not the issue here. This is about playing for the German National Team in an attempt to qualify for the Olympics.

"Everything's kind of up in the air with the lockout,'' he said, "If we're locked out, I might play this summer. We have a qualification coming up for the Olympics again. The Olympics for me in Beijing were so much fun. They were a blast. I'd love to go to London, but we have to qualify for it first. We have that this summer, (and) if we're locked out and I know it's going to be a little longer and I don't have anything going anyway, I might as well stay in shape and play.''

Most notable, though, are Dirk's eyes on the prize.

He added that a Dallas appearance in the NBA Finals might change that.

"That all depends on how this season plays out (because) if we have a long run to June, I might not (play overseas this summer),'' The UberMan said, nodding to a hoped-for title run.

DONUT 9: Is Caron's comeback still ahead of schedule?

I visited with him a bit last night but before we try to pin down details, I want to see him moving around at practice today – if he does so. will have a full All-Access Pass to practice posted this afternoon.

DONUT 10: How do I get some free swag from

Happens all the time. Between , The Store and The Dallas Mavericks FISH Facebook Page and here, stay heads-up!

DONUT 11: Y'all kind of skipped past the mentions of Capt. Jack or Tayshaun Prince in your Monday Donuts about the Mavs standing pat and believing in Peja and JJB, didn't you?

The simplest of answers are easy, and often overlooked. With Prince, the Pistons had the final say on any deal, and they used that voice to spurn all offers. Without knowing precisely what was presented, though we can assume it may have fallen in line with reports suggesting Caron's expiring contract and a possible first-rounder may be fairly accurate, how can we justify saying Dallas should have offered more, especially for a player who will be free to sign elsewhere this summer?

If you don't know what was on the table, can you reasonably define what "more" is? If you don't win a title this year, and Prince would not have guaranteed one, how much do you miss the assets spent if he chooses to sign elsewhere after this season?

As for Jackson, there's the nearly $20 million left on his contract beyond this season, at the end of which he will be 35. Considering he is already showing clear signs of decline, that's not a burden easily dismissed. Outside of the direct money involved, another extremely pertinent point we noted after the deadline continues to be missed or ignored: the possible ramifications of impending CBA negotiations.

If a hard cap is implemented or stricter salary standards adopted, the possible impact of having a Stephen Jackson count against your cap next season could be the loss of any chance to re-sign Tyson Chandler or Caron. Considering the risks, and future implications, do you give up even one first round pick in that deal?

How big is the mistake if the move becomes Chandler and other assets for Jackson down the road?


Now, that's the long answer.

The short one?

We Love Our Boys In Blue.

DONUT 12: Fish, have you heard that Dirk Nowitzki is now hanging out at performances by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra?

Yes. Though it would be more accurate, I think, to say that the lovely Jessica O is the one who is in attendance at classy joints … and it is our UberMan who is "hanging out'' alongside her.

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