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Something happened at practice that was a revelation, and you'll only get it here. ... Carlisle's Word of the Day ... Video Visit with Rick, and exclusive video of Jet and Brewer at work ... special tutoring for Roddy B. ... If you are a Premium Mavs Fan, here is Your All-Access Pass!

The Secret Star of Practice: The media at large is allowed into practice for the final portion of it, which is largely focused on shooting, individual drills and clowning around. But we are and you are a Premium Mavs Member, so …

Ian Mahinmi got his ass chewed – HARD – during the workout session that the media at large did not see.

The man doing the chewing? Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle.

The test? How would young Mahinmi react? Would he pout away the rest of the day, feel sorry for himself, roll his eyes behind the coaches' backs?


Nope. He reacted like "The Ianimal.''

We are told that the French big man followed up the ass-chewing by "taking over'' practice and raising his level of play to "ferociousness.''

The coaching staff was ecstatic. This is how Ian will grow as a player … not just because of what he can do physically but because of what his mentality ALLOWED him to do physically.

Persistence: The Mavs had the day off Monday, but they got back to work in a serious way on Tuesday. This marked the first time in a few weeks where the Mavs had the kind of practice time necessary for a "tune up" of sorts. The Boys in Blue (We Love Them!) had become loose in certain aspects of their game, so practice was at a training camp level for the first time in a while.

One staffer tells, "This practice was like the Lakers game, or the Spurs game. It was that physical.''

Carlisle used this practice to get on guys for missing details. It's the little things that help teams survive in the playoffs and that fact doesn't escape coach.

"Skill and experience aren't going to get us where we want to go," Carlisle said. "We've got to be the most persistent team going."

Here's what else coach had to say:

Persistence is going to get consistency from the offense. Persistence is going to get the Mavs to an elite level on defense once again.

Persistence is going to get the Mavericks where they want to go.

Tightening the Screws: In the locker room after the win against Golden State, Jason Terry spoke about how he was looking forward to the upcoming couple days of practice to get himself in order and to right a few wrongs.

He wasted no time in doing so as he went right to work on some of the finer points of his game after practice.

The things you are seeing in the video are what Jet has routinely worked on all season. When he was scorching hot during a couple months earlier in the year, it was these workouts that kept him on track.

Let's hope he finds that touch again now and throughout the playoffs.

Brewer the Shooter: Along with Jet, Corey Brewer was the Maverick putting up the most shots after practice. He wasn't just shooting 3-pointers alone in the corner, either, as every Mavs coach was there watching and tossing him balls.

Even Rick Carlisle.

We may be looking too much into it, but it seems illogical and inefficient to put this much focused work into a guy just for him to be stashed away on the bench for the rest of the year.

Look for yourself.

We're not sayin', we're just sayin'.

By the way, there is no "doghouse'' for Brewer under Carlisle. At one point, the coach goofed around with the player, smiles exchanged, and then Rick grabbed Corey by the shoulders and administered him a lengthy shoulder massage. Seriously.

Mavsellaneous: Jet was specifically working on moves to his left during his extra work .… Both assistants Dwane Casey and Tim Grugrich corralled Roddy B to help him with what appeared to be some defensive pick-and-roll issues … Shawn Marion practiced today (with a brace on the wrist) and was feeling better… Here's a shock, Darrell Armstrong was BSing around today. This time with Corey Brewer on multiple occasions … Peja Stojakovic practiced, but the staff is still overseeing closely his health issues (neck and knee) … No sign of and no updates on Caron Butler today.We'll stay on it, though. ... After a busy day yesterday, Jason Kidd was excited to go home after a tough practice: "I'm (taking a break) today, I put in my work yesterday." … We are told by one staffer that Brewer – who is not a good long-distance shooter in games or in practice – has a mechanical problem they believe they can fix … Carlisle made a point to tell Jason Terry how well he did at practice today … Carlisle's thoughts on Mark Cuban appearing on Jimmy Kimmel with Charlie Sheen: "Winning. Duh. It must be a good quote if it's hanging around this long."

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