Aguirre UPDATE: 'He's Fine,' Says Ex-GM

One of the greatest players in Dallas Mavericks history, Mark Aguirre, was said to be in serious condition at a Plano, Texas, hospital today after taking a fall during a workout at a fitness facility. But a former Mavs exec is at the hospital with Aguirre and tells the DMNews, 'He's fine.'

The Mavs organization along with Aguirre's former teammates are chasing for information about the incident, which reportedly occurred when Aguirre became ill and losing consciousness while aboard a treadmill. Aguirre was taken from the Lifetime Fitness facility to the critical care unit at The Medical Center of Plano, where he remains this afternoon.

Aguirre, 51, was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1981 NBA Draft. He played for Dallas for eight years and was an All-Star three times before being traded to Detroit, where he won two NBA. championships. He is a fixture in the DFW basketball community, famous for holding the Mavericks' single-season scoring record of 2,330 points (29.5 points per game) in the 1983-84 season. He is sometimes seen at Mavs games, most recently in late November when the Pistons visited Dallas and Aguirre used to opportunity to visit with Joe Dumars (the Detroit GM and his former Pistons teammate) as well as with Derek Harper and Ro Blackman, two of the other standouts from Dallas' 1980's clubs.

Aguirre has in recent seasons done work as an assistant coach with the Knicks and Pacers since his retirement as a player in 1994.

Former Mavericks' general manager Frank Zaccanelli, a close friend of Aguirre's, is telling the DMNews that it was a "circulation problem'' and nothing more.

"There was no heart attack,'' Zaccanelli said. "What it was, it was a clogged vessel -- not artery, vessel _ and while he was working out it just caused him to black out. There was no cardiac arrest, there was nothing. He fell.''

Zaccanelli said Aguirre is in stable condition, not critical.

"He's fine,'' Zaccanelli said. "I'm sitting right next to him. He's not in critical condition. He's just recovering from a fall and he's going to be fine."

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