All-Access Practice: Rest For Dirk? No Thanks

Video Visits with Tyson Chandler and Dirk ... More exclusive video of Corey Brewer's shooting work. ... Rick's meeting with the media ... Playoff talk ... And rest for Dirk? 'No thanks,' says The UberMan. We've got the day covered in this All-Access Practice Pass:

Becoming Playoff Ready: Rick Carlisle is looking forward to the upcoming tests against playoff-caliber opponents on the road. Despite sagging results recently against quality teams, the Dallas Mavericks are finally getting completely healthy and Carlisle knows they are running out of regular season games to get this thing right.

"To become really playoff ready, there are some real big positives to playing a tough road schedule," Carlisle said. "A lot of the teams we're playing are playoff teams or playoff-caliber teams."

Here is Rick's media session in full:

Dirk Don't Need No Rest: This time of year, playoff-bound teams start looking for spots to rest their superstars. Mark Dirk down for a big "No" on that one.

"I never like conserving energy," Dirk said. "I always like to go for it. Actually one of my worst playoff runs was when I rested and I was rusty in the playoffs."

Ah, thanks for sneaking a 2007 Warriors series reference in there, Dirk.

What else did The UberMan have for us today?

Aggression is the Way: In the least surprising news of the day, Tyson Chandler announced that he feels the Mavs need to be more aggressive. In the playoffs, referees tend to let the aggressor get away with a few things and Chandler thinks the Mavericks have to take advantage of that to increase their chances at playoff success.

"The last couple days of practice have been intense," Chandler said. "Guys have been getting into each other and it shows the type of basketball that we're able to play."

Line of the day from Tyson (referring to Jason Kidd's 38th birthday): "He's not 32 again? Oh, 38? Brian (Cardinal) said he turned 32 again."

Shooter's Touch: Yesterday, coaches were working with Corey Brewer very closely on his shooting mechanics from the three point line. Today, it was more of the same except from the free-throw line:

Mavsellaneous: Upon seeing Star Telegram writer Dwain Price's outfit today, Dirk shouted, "I see you Dwain Price! Shit is hot!"... When Darrell Armstrong saw the clothes, he made it clear that he thought it was Dwain's barbeque outfit… Jet and Roddy were the last two players off the court, again… We are keeping our eyes peeled, but still no sign of or news regarding Caron Butler. … Dirk on Kidd, who hustled upstairs to check out his 38th birthday cake: "He's amazing to me," Nowitzki said. "He practices every day, he never misses a game and he plays hard at both ends. He's our motor at both ends of the floor. He's amazing, so I'll just have to wait and see how I feel at 38, if I get there. I signed on till I'm 36, and I guess I'll just take it year-by-year after that." … Kevin Love (groin) won't be playing for Minny tomorrow at the AAC. But Carlisle is trying to convince everyone that that won't matter. "He has become a high-impact player this year,'' Rick said, "but … they'll have another high-energy guy running around … and then they'll be hard to guard because they'll be smaller. So, we'll see, but again, it's not about who plays, it's about how we play."

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