Mavs 104-96 Over Wolves: Who Gets 'Dirkie'?

The Love-less Wolves dropped by for a visit. It was an exciting contest -- well, more exciting than it should've been if we're frank about it. But it's Win No. 50, 104-96. Shouldn't this Dirkie have some extra shine on it? Like maybe a diamond headband or something? Vote!

Yes, we're a bit troubled by some things. Minny shot five percent above its season norm, including another one of those You Got To Be Flippin' Kidding Me buzzer beaters. And it took a long time for the Dallas Mavericks to lock down defensively ... But in the final minutes Dallas did so, made the foul shots, and registered the 104-96 win.

But nevermind the negatives for now; Who gets the gold?

It's our Player of the Game, Mavericks v. Timberwolves ... and you vote here!

Dirk Nowitzki -- 30 and 11 for double-double fourteen

Shawn Marion -- adding a little bit of everything

Jason Terry -- 18 points, 3 assists

Tyson Chandler -- Center A with 9 and 10

Brendan Haywood -- Center B with 4 and 2

Ian Mahimni -- Center C with 3 and 1

Peja Stojakovic -- 16 points, 4-8 from three-land

Jason Kidd -- birthday dude with 13 assists

Jose Juan Barea -- four points and six assists

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