How Do The Mavs Look On 'NBA 2K11'?

In preparation for the Game Havens NBA 2K11 All-Star Tournament on Sunday, I called Lee Taing, a real All-Star NBA 2K hoopster and member of the Game Havens Gaming Council. My mission was to get some real insights into the Mavs team NBA 2K11 style, and issue a personal challenge from Lee to any Mavericks fan/gamer who wants to take him on!

Game Havens: What NBA 2K11 teams are you playing with lately?

Lee: Typically I play with the Mavericks. I actually got the Mavericks in a random selection for Sunday's tournament. Lately I have started playing with the Bulls. The Bulls have a very balanced team. Anyone can score, and they have an outstanding defense – one of the top defenses in 2K11.

Game Havens: What are the strong points of the 2K11 Mavericks?

Lee: They have a 7-footer (Dirk) who can shoot jumpers and finish in the paint. No one else can do what he does.

Game Havens: What are the weak points of the 2K11 Mavericks?

Lee: 2K made the Mavs more of a jump-shooting team. Tyson Chandler did improve the team a bit. Over the past 6 years, the 2K developers didn't change much on the Mavericks play style. Dirk's play rating is pretty high – very realistic.

Game Havens: How do you use the 2K11 Mavericks when you play?

Lee: I use my big men…Dirk and Tyson. Caron Butler is a good finisher in the paint, but Tyson is a big threat.

Game Havens: Which real Mavericks player would you like to play in NBA 2K11 one-on-one?

Lee: I'll take on anyone. Give me their best player, and I'll play him. My brother and I play a couple thousand games of NBA 2K every year.

Game Havens: Really? WOW! How do you keep up in college playing so much? And will your brother graduate from high school this year after spending so much time gaming?

Lee: We're doing pretty well in school – so no worries there. We play a little during the week (after homework, of course) and then on the weekends, starting Friday night.

Well, there you have it, our very own Lee Taing, who has had to listen to a lot of smack from his brother Benson, since losing to him in the Finals of the last Game Havens NBA 2K11 tournament. If you want to watch some of the best 2K All Stars in the DFW area, then come join us tomorrow at the HUB Sports Bar & Grill on Beltline in Dallas (on the edge of Addison) Sunday at 1 p.m. Registration is at noon, but the food and drinks start at 11 a.m. The and Fox Sports Dallas Mavericks guy, Mike Fisher will be there – maybe with some UberMan shirts in hand, and you can meet some of our All-Stars, including the Taing brothers, Tyler Adams, John Ramirez, and Mitchell Pham. Oh ... and our two Game Havens girls…Ashley and Sarah!

For more info on Sunday's NBA 2K11 All Star Tournament, go to the Game Havens Facebook page, click "LIKE" and check out our list of upcoming tournaments under the "Events" section.

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