Mavs Over Jazz: Does Somebody Get A 'Dirkie'?

Dallas 94, Utah 77. Not pretty, not graceful, not right good ... but it's there. In spite of greasy fingers and sputtering offense and (censored) refs, the Mavs finally hit the right notes in the right order in time to beat down the Jazz. For the first time ever, Dallas sweeps a four-game season series against Utah. For salvation of Dallas's bacon, we have 'The Dirkie'!

Dallas Mavericks 94, Utah 77 ... You Vote for the Player of the Game!

Who saved our bacon, guys? A list of candidates ... not all of them especially worthy, to be frank ...

Jason Terry -- 22 points, 10 in the fourth

Shawn Marion -- started with 13 and 7, plus 4 steals

Dirk Nowitzki -- 19 and 6, punched the clock early

Tyson Chandler -- 10 and 7, no loss of temper

Jose Juan Barea -- 9 points, 6 dimes, *huge* three

Jason Kidd -- 7 points and 6 assists

Rodrigue Beaubois -- 7 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists

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