Mavs-Suns: Who's The Best Rabbit-Puller?

Mavs 91, Suns 83. Hey, Mavs fans, you vote for whomever you like for 'The Dirkie.' But here's a hint: Phoenix scored just four points in the final six-and-half minutes. Somebody played some defense here ... and here are your candidates for 'The Dirkie':

Dallas Mavericks 91, Suns 83 ... You Vote for the Player of the Game!

Two words to sum up Sunday's friendly arguement with the Suns -- ugly and weird. Both sides shot horribly and both sides treated the ball as if they were unfamiliar with this strange round object. In the end, Dallas pulled another rabbit out of the Fourth-Quarter Miracle Hat, keeping pace with Los Angeles and pushing Phoenix a game closer to an early summer vacation. For the craftiest magician, we have the Dirkie.

Best rabbit-puller?

Jason Kidd -- 16 points, eight in the last 1:11

Rodrigue Beaubois -- 10 points, some over-enthusiasm

Tyson Chandler -- 16 and 18 double-double

Jason Terry -- 10 fourth quarter points

Shawn Marion -- The Stopper

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