Saturday Morning Mavs Donuts: Namedropping

Mavs at Warriors (and I've got a bit of ESPN radio this morning) plus Jet and Barnes and the Charmin Bear with toilet paper stuck to his butt and other Saturday Morning Mavs plesantries ...

DONUT 1: Go ahead and read the story about the "soft'' Mavs vs. "The Charminator.'' Dig into the numbers that establish that yeah, Matt Barnes' career IS on an uptick in games against the Mavs.

But then let's help each other with this: Unless Jason Terry is doing a national radio tour to raise money for charity or something (completely possible, knowing him) why is he waking up early on the morning after a nationally-telecast 28-point loss to the Lakers to do a nationally-broadcast radio show saying that anything about the Lakers sucks?

There's really no need for the winning team to pop off. (That's my midwestern upbringing coming out.) But there is damn sure no need for the LOSING team to do so.

DONUT 2: If you are a Premium Mavs Fan who loves the game, is intrigued by Roddy Beaubois, and wants to learn more about both, I implore you to free-trial your way into our X-and-O film study of Roddy B's BBIQ. We are very proud of it. Please take the time to enjoy it.


"How do I get one of those?'' Dirk asked me shortly after he uttered the phrase, "TAKE THAT WIT CHEW!'' ... and my answer for him is the same as my answer to you: the Store!

DONUT 3: LeBron arrived at this week's game in Cleveland wearing a jacket that says, 'Long Live the King.'

I wonder if any of his peon subjects checked to see if the Emperor was wearing anything underneath the jacket?

DONUT 4: Give me a LIKE on our new Dallas Mavericks FISH Facebook Page, please!

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DONUT 5:Regarding D-Lord's well-researched column and revelation on the Brewer contract: At this point, it looks like Brewer will be of very little help this season. There is no argument there.

But what about after a full off-season of work? The coaching staff believes its got something to work with there, and for lack of a better parallel, let's try Bruce Bowen.

Might he have the work ethic and skill set to become the Mavericks' version of Bruce Bowen?

Bowen was very limited offensively (basically a corner 3 guy), but defensively he was a pest who never fouled out of games, and that part relates to work, preparation, physical talent ... and the time it takes to develop a reputation with the refs.

D-Lord is right about the numbers being big right now. But this summer ... next year ... and heck, maybe still in one big game on one big stop of a Manu or a Kobe (if he can get out of street clothes) ... Brewer can show some value.

DONUT 6: Barry Bonds was going to sever his mistress' head and 'throw it in the ditch'?

Yeah, but not to worry. He woulda missed the cutoff man.

DONUT 7: Another stay-up-late Mavs outing tonight, at Golden State with a 9:30 p.m. tipoff. I'll help you get your Mavs day started at 10:15 this morning when I pop onto "Mavs Magazine'' on 103.3 ESPN Radio.

DONUT 8: The boyfriend of Aqib Talib's sister ran like hell while the NFL player from Garland and his mom took turns firing gunshots at him. Or, what back in my old neighborhood we used to call 'Mother's Day.'


DONUT 9: Oh, one more thing about Charmin: How is it that their mascot bear who wipes himself by rubbing his butt crack up against a tree? Not since Joe the Camel has their been a more disingenuous message-sending cartoon.

DONUT 10:Fans get to vote for the coverguy on ‘Madden 12.' I say we stuff the ballot box with retired punters.

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DONUT 12: Glad to hear Mark Aguirre is OK after fainting and falling off a treadmill. We can assume that when he fell, it was just like the old days and he led with his butt.

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