Roddy B Serves Up Dombré In Translated Video has a certain romance with Roddy B. We've taken his side on the subjects of promise and burn. We've taken time trying to get to know him. (‘For sure.') We've taken his shirt orders. But until now, we've never done it in French. Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts: Our exclusive Roddy B Video Visit in French, complete with English translation, served with his fave food, 'dombré.'

DONUT 1: Our man for this job: David Teel of Game Havens , who in addition to being a techno-ninja, happens to speak a skillion languages.

"I was a bit concerned,'' says David, a lifelong Dallas Mavericks follower who writes's Alley-Oop column on sports and technology, "that my French basketball vocabulary was almost non-existent. So I thought we'd try to get to know Roddy B's inner French and island side. And just relax a little.''

DONUT 2: Here's the Video Visit, in French:

DONUT 3: We will say this to start – and it makes perfect sense: Beaubois takes just a moment to warm to David, and then suddenly is infinitely more comfortable with wording, slang, facial expressions, everything, than he generally is when speaking his rapidly-improving English to the rest of us single-language media schlubs.

I think I'm going to tell D-Lord, Brolan and MDug to take up French.

OK, on with the interpretation. …


DONUT 4: What do you do for fun when you are not playing basketball?

Roddy B:"I go to the movies. And I play video games. At the moment, I'm playing ‘FIFA 11.' A lot of ‘FIFA 11.'

Interpretation: We can imagine endless nights of France vs. Brazil reenactments and Roddy B screaming "GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL". Then again…it wouldn't sound like that in French.

DONUT 5: OK … movies. So what is the last movie you watched?

Roddy B: "‘Just Go With It.' I really liked it.''


Interpretation: Roddy B is a kid. So Sandler makes sense. And the French (and French islanders) love comedies. So Sandler and Jennifer Aniston provide an evening of laughs, we suppose. I guess we weren't expecting to get "Citizen Kane'' here.

And come to think of is, Sandler is sort of this generation's Jerry Lewis … so it's all coming together. …

DONUT 6: So when you go on vacation, where do you go?

Roddy B:"Of course, I go to Guadeloupe, and I go to France. Next year I need to go somewhere I haven't been before.''

Interpretation: Guadeloupe, France. Guadeloupe, France. No, those aren't really getaways for Roddy B. He wants to explore somewhere new. .. of course, in a sense, his job already requires that of him.

DONUT 7: Did you know that Dirk studied French for five years?

Roddy B:" I knew he had studied French. … but for five years? No, that I didn't know. He speaks a little, just a little.''

DONUT 8: This may be an important note that we'd never much considered before: The NBA imports from overseas are likely much more suited to make the adjustment to American life than we would be if the one-way ticket was pointed in the other direction.

When Dirk came to Dallas, we all thought of him as sort of a naïf. But in many ways, he was probably more worldly at age 19 than many of the media types were despite them being maybe twice his age.

That probably goes for Beaubois and Mahinmi, and Peja before them. They'd all likely studied not only their native language, of course, but almost certainly English, too. How many of our students become at all conversational in French?

We understand that European schools make students take a couple of languages. If Dirk took five years of French, he understands and speaks a lot more than he's letting on to the fellas. That's a warning to Roddy B and Ian: don't talk smack about Dirk. He will understand you.


DONUT 9: We thought of delving into fashion here, but we already know the kid likes his "FREE RODDY B'' shirts, which gives us the opportunity to plug the Store. What, you thought we'd miss out on that chance?

DONUT 10: Roddy B, what's your favorite food?

Roddy B:"It's a dish prepared back home in Guadeloupe called "dombré.''

Interpretation: We'd never heard of 'dombré' so with a little research from David Teel, we can report that it seems to be a dish made of little bread balls stuffed with red beans (when in France) or sometimes shrimp (when in the islands). Sometimes they are made with chicken.


It seems to be more of a family-and-friends meal, not French haute-cuisine. We wonder if there is a place in Dallas which prepares dombré? Esparza's? ThreeSheets? Anybody?

Sounds like it's time to take a business trip to Guadeloupe!

DONUT 11: There is so much about Roddy B that's been mythologized (yes, kinda shoulders the blame/credit for that). So it's neat for us to break away a bit from the X's and O's and the pick-and-rolls and get a feel for the kid who is an important piece of Dallas' future … and maybe present.

DONUT 12: We'll plan on doing it again with the help of David Teel and Game Havens , which, by the way, is holding a "Movie Gift Card Facebook Giveaway" on April 15th for fans of Game Havens. All you have to do is "LIKE" Game Havens and you are entered! They're giving away 10 AMC Movie Cards. For all things gaming, movies, home entertainment and more, Dallas-area Game Havens will keep you in the know!

DONUT 13: I've got Mavs-at-Clippers pre- and postgame tonight, with the telecast beginning at 9, Ro Blackman and I handing it off to Mark Followill, and then taking you late into the night/morning with the analysis. It's going to be a long night -- a long two nights, really, with the Lakers 24 hours later -- so please take the advice from Dirk and this exclusive video:

Mix in a water! See you on TV!

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