Awarding 'The Dirkie' For Mavs 106, Clips 100

Mavs 106, Clippers 100. Hey, Mavs fans, we don't care how 'cool' you think Blake Griffin is. He ain't one of us. He doesn't play for us. He cannot win 'The Dirkie.' But you CAN vote for the Mav of your choice. So choose from a list that includes the Puerto Rican 'Mr.Universe'...

Dallas Mavericks 106, Clippers 100 You Vote for the Player of the Game!

All of us up past our bedtime watched an interesting contest. For a quarter it looked like the LA Clippers might steal one -- they've done it to the Mavericks before -- by bolting to an early lead then pitching a tent at the free-throw line. A late rally made things tense, but Dallas put the Clippers away, 106-100. That's three up and three down on the Last Epic Road Trip, and another Dirkie requiring a shipping charge.

Who gets the package, folks?
Jose Juan Barea -- Mr. Universe did it again!

Dirk Nowitzki -- 24 and 6, plus three dimes

Peja Stojakovic -- 11 points, 3-4 on threes

Brendan Haywood -- perfect 3-3 for 6 points

Shawn Marion -- 10 and 9

Jason Kidd -- 10 dimes

Jason Terry -- seven assists, three steals

Brian Cardinal -- two big threes plus a dime

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