'We're Going For It!' Says Dirk Of LA/LA

No. 3 on the Last Epic Road Trip and it's our Dallas at Clippers. Thanks for the win should be tendered to Jose Juan Barea and his 16 fourth-quarter points ... and now we go into the locker rooms for Quoteboard - oh, and we might as well stay in there as Mavs-Lakers comes up in a bit!


Sigh -- another slow start . . .
"Right now our nemesis is early turnovers. We had six in the first quarter for nine points and that got us off to a bad start . . . So, we'd like to get off to a better start in terms of efficiency with the ball, and if we can do that it will help us." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Even though we got out of the gate slow, we were able to get the stops we needed." -Jason Kidd.

"We had one turnover in the first quarter and the Mavericks had six, and we were winning. We had 17 in the last three quarters and they got us back on our heels a little bit." -Coach Vinny Del Negro.

There he goes again -- Jose Juan Barea, 22 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals . . .
"Guys like Barea are not real young players anymore, he's a veteran. And he's stepped up big for us this year in a lot of crucial situations. I mean, the 3 he hit in the corner was probably the biggest shot of the game because of the run they were on, and his penetration was key for us as well." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He really got us going there in the first half. I thought him and Peja came in and really changed the game for us. We had nothing going, looked slow and couldn't get anything going. So, they were big. Peja and J.J. really got our energy going in the first half and got us right back into the game." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Well, I was just trying to attack every time and get in the lane and create for myself or for my teammates, and it worked out tonight." -Jose Juan Barea

About some Clipper overreation late, which led to three techincals and one ejection . . .
"We lost control of the game when we had all those technical fouls. That gave them a good run and those were free points we gave them. They just got a lot of calls." -Eric Gordan

On LA's fourth-quarter rally, which cut a 16-point Dallas lead to five . . .
"It started with Jamario Moon hitting a 3. After that, they made a layup and get to the free throw line and all the sudden it's under 10. Then the building is into it and we had to answer." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We had a good lead there in the fourth quarter and didn't really close the game out the way we wanted to. They made some plays and the next thing you know they're back in the game, but we definitely needed the win." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We keep pushing the tempo and keep coming. We don't panic." -Jason Kidd

Respect for the young team . . .
"This is a team with playoff talent. They're a little bit young and battled through injuries. But this is a team that's on the rise and going to be an improving team every year going forward." -Coach Rick Carlisle

. . . but not too much . . .
"They're a bad team. That's not a good team, so we had to win." -Jason Terry

A progress note on young Beaubois . . .
"If you put a picture of him a year and a half ago next to a picture now, he would look a lot stronger. He's gotten stronger. He does a lot better job of staying in his stance . . . He's just getting a lot of different types of important experience. He's gaining ground all the time." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Whoa -- on the subject of Stuff We Do Not Need . . .
"I think [Nowitzki] is hurting a little bit with his knee. He's trying to fight through that and finish the season strong. He knows that. They need him and you see what happens when he doesn't play. They struggle." -Chris Kaman

Now, Dallas Mavericks at Lakers . . .
"Tomorrow is a different kind of test. We know that. It's the kind of challenge you've got to look forward to." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We know that we've got to come out tomorrow and play a whole lot better. From the start, we've got to play a whole 48 minutes. We know that we're playing the Lakers tomorrow. And we've won five in a row, it hasn't been pretty, but they're still wins." -Jose Juan Barea

"We're still right there with everybody. Hopefully, we'll get a big win tomorrow. That'll be a good one to get . . . It's not the end of the world to be 3, but we're going for it. We're going to leave it all out there tomorrow and until the playoffs. We'll see what happens, where we are at the end." -Dirk Nowitzki

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