Jet Vs. Barnes: The REAL 'Charmin' Numbers

Jason Terry is calling Matt Barnes ‘The Charminator.' Matt Barnes is suggesting he's developed a ‘blueprint to punk' the Mavs. They are both talking out of their asses. Except, to be frank, Barnes … maybe a little less so. Barnes does have a few numbers on his side, as we reveal …

The pushing-and-shoving-marred 110-82 Lakers win on Thursday has barreled out the swinging doors of the saloon and into the street – or at least we have the modern-day version of that vision, with the Mavs' Terry taking to talk radio and the Lakers' Barnes responding via Twitter.

Listen, we're Mavs guys. And Jet is our guy. (We're the ones who LIKE that he's willing to play on the edge.) But this is all Jet-driven … and Barnes is the respondent, as vile as we may want to find him.

The Mavs got their heads handed to them at Staples Center in the battle for second in the West. The little fight Dallas did show came from Terry – but it was in the form of a cheap shot on Steve Blake, an action that drew the always chippy Barnes into the fray.

Terry was whistled for a flagrant-2 (since downgraded). Barnes' penalty will stick: a one-game suspension.

Unfortunately, we think (inasmuch as the losers have no reason to yap), Terry has once again issued a cheap shot – this one verbally.

Jet appeared Friday on ESPN Radio's "The Herd'' and claimed that the Mavs refer to Barnes as "The Charminator'' because the Lakers forward is known to be "soft as Charmin toilet paper.''

Now, Barnes has been the NBA since 2003. We've been around a tad longer. And we've never heard that said about Barnes, who in fact, is a former superstar high-school football player with a rep for rugged NBA play. (By the way, what's with all the potty talk from the Mavs this week?)

Drawn out (again) by Jet, Barnes decided to take another piece. Via Twitter:

"Me & the Golden St homies laid out the blueprint on how to beat Dallas.. "PUNK'EM" Aint $h!t changed homey.. So enough w/the small talk"

Does the likes of Matt Barnes – a relatively inconsequential former second-rounder and D-League product – really hold some secret key?

Well, he was deeply involved in the Warriors' 2007 playoff upset of Dallas. Beyond that?

Here's a summary of Matt Barnes record vs. the Mavs

8-12 overall record

Averages 6 points, 46.5 FG%, 32.4 3PT%, 3.95 rebounds in about 20 minutes per game

4-2 Playoff Record

Averages 10.2 points, 45.1 FG%, 40 3PT%, 5.5 rebounds

And one more …

Since the Golden State playoff series, Barnes' teams have been 8-7 vs the Mavs ... and while Barnes has never come close to a ring, the Mavs haven't made it past the second round.

So teams that Barnes was employed by used to be 0-5 against the Mavs, until 2007. And they are 8-7 since. That's something short of a "blueprint to victory.'' But we wish it was enough to shut up Jason Terry. And to shut up Matt Barnes. And to knock it off with the "Charmin'' talk, as both of them are making statements that aren't worth the toilet paper they are figuratively written on.

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