Awarding 'Dirkie' For Mavs-Clips

The Mavs ended their four-game losing streak and remain in third in the West with a 107-96 home win over the Clippers. You Vote for the Player of the Game, but we give you a nudge: How'd you like Corey Brewer?

Dallas Mavericks 107, Clippers 96 You Vote for the Player of the Game!

Who gets it, ladies and germs?

Corey Brewer -- Oh. Wow. (30 minutes, 8-16 shooting, 20 points, six rebounds, four assists, four steals, one block, four turnovers, and a plus-9.)

Dirk Nowitzki -- harsh start with a smooth finish

Tyson Chandler -- 15 and 7, butt's all better

Shawn Marion -- 13 and 10 double-double

Peja Stojakovic -- three-point streak preserver

Jose Juan Barea -- point guard present with 15

Brendan Haywood -- 7 and 3 plus a steal

DeShawn Stevenson -- stretch pest plus a three

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