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Ah, the comforts of home. The Mavs worked at the AAC on Tuesday, therefore so did we: Rest coming for Kidd, Chandler's (out-of-context?) quote about Mavs bigmouths, a REAL Caron update via Video, plus more practice video with Carlisle, Tyson, Jet and Dirk!

Shooting for Defense: After a tough 3-3 road trip that saw the Mavs lose momentum and believers, coach Carlisle was welcomed back to Dallas with a few media questions considered to be in need of answers. As is often the case around here when it comes to garden-variety "Coachspeak," the answers revolved around defense.

"We want to continue to stress defense," Carlisle said. "The importance of defending and being able to run and be able to play out of a flow game as much as possible."

That's understandable from Rick considering timely defense was at such a premium during the road trip, but what about the offense?

"Uh, we didn't shoot the ball well," Rick said. "So we spent some extra time today on shooting."

Hey, practice makes perfect right? Here's Rick's interview in full:

Happy to be Home: It is usually the case, and team spokesmodel Jason Terry said it best after practice. "Boy, are we glad to be back home," Jet said. "I can tell you that."

It was a long road trip for Jet and his jumpshot (maybe he left it in his suitcase?, but being back home will mean good things to come, in the minds of he Mavs. Now that Terry can get in his extra work in after practice and get back into his routine, hopefully that means his shots will begin routinely finding the bottom of the net again.

Jet's thoughts about find his groove again, the upcoming game against the Nuggets, and an extended playoff run are right here:

‘Back'-ing into the Playoffs: If there is a second worrisome issue with the Mavericks (second, that is, in ranking right after their current losing streak,) it is Tyson Chandler's back issue that kept him out of the last game in Portland. Without him, the Mavs played without the necessary energy to even give themselves a chance against the Trailblazers.

What's the word on his availability for Wednesday, you may ask?

"I'm feeling like I will (play)," Tyson said. "I gotta see how it is in the morning. Today I was able to practice, but not at 100 percent, but I was able to go. I feel like I'll be able to."

That sounds like a guy who knows he is needed right now. (Unless, of course, it determined that Wednesday's game isn't of the gotta-get-this-fixed importance.)

The UberMan Uberspeaks: Dirk Nowitzki ain't no spring chicken anymore, as he will be the first to concede. So, Dirk, was a fatigue a factor over the long road trip?

"I think the only guy that really needs rest is J-Kidd," Dirk said honestly.

Come on now Dirk, you weren't tired even a little bit?

"I don't know," Dirk said. "But four games in five nights is always a beast. I don't care if it's in the beginning of the season or April. That's not an excuse."

Okay, so Dirk wasn't tired... err, he was, but it doesn't matter… whatever. Here's his media session in full:

Butler Hates Butler: Caron Butler was as active as we have seen in a few weeks. Don't get me wrong; he was hardly doing anything but shooting, but it was more than we've seen in quite a while.

Because we love our Dear Readers here at (and we know you love your Tuff Juice) here is some extremely double-insider footage of Caron doing what he could after practice:

Quote of the day from Caron after patting himself on the back for a fine shooting performance: "That's the only time I cheer for Butler."

Clearly Caron's mind was still on his alma mater, UConn, winning the NCAA National Championship last night.

Mavscellaneous: Roddy B and DoJo were the last two Mavs on the floor shooting after practice… Coach Carlisle made sure to let everyone know that Jason Kidd will get some rest down the stretch… Brewer got a lot of shooting work in with coaches after practice… Caron Butler, in an attempt to constantly haze the rookie, messes with DoJo non-stop… The Mavs may catch a break tomorrow with Denver being on their second night of a back-to-back. …

The Final Word: Get ready for this to be taken completely out of context.

"We got a lot of talkers off the court,'' Tyson Chandler said. "We just need them to open their mouths on the court."

Ooooooooooh! ‘Cept, he didn't mean it the way you are thinking.

The question regarded who is "the best talker'' on the Mavs. And TY's answer touched on both on-court communication and the colorful gibberish off of it. No animosity was meant to be revealed.

What's ironic about the mistaken/missing context here is that the quote is being spread around on the internet by a "traditional'' newspaper.

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