Mavs Crush Suns: The 'Dirkie' Is Up To You!

The Mavs seem to be trying to close the regular season in the right way, Sunday's example being a 115-90 win over the Suns. And they are doing it with lots of people - which means multiple candidates for you to choose from when you vote for 'The Dirkie'!

This species of game have been few and far between this year -- a nice 25-ish minute workout for the usual suspects, during a game the Mavericks held firmly in hand start to finish. Unlike Friday night, picking the name to engrave on The Dirkie's gonna be a rough job . . . but somebody's got to do it.

Engraver standing by. The name?

Dallas Mavericks 115, Suns 10 and you Vote here for the Player of the Game!

Jason Kidd -- have a nice vacation?

Tyson Chandler -- rebounding monster number one

Shawn Marion -- 18-11 double-double

Dirk Nowitzki -- 19 and 7, situation normal

Brendan Haywood -- rebounding monster number two

Jose Juan Barea -- 15 points and 6 dimes

Jason Terry -- 17 points, sigh of relief

Peja Stojakovic -- 17 point fourth quarter sniping

Brian Cardinal -- nailed a three plus three assists

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