Jet As 'The Defiant One' As Mavs End Skid

'It's an internal matter and it's going to remain an internal matter,' says Carlisle of the way the Mavs will handle Jet's bench tantrum during what turned out to be a 107-96 win over the Clippers. Well, the discipline (or lack thereof) might be ‘internal.' But Jet's turbulence – and his premeditated ‘Defiant One' mentality – is out there for everyone to see. Some First Impressions from the win:

See? The Mavs can Win!: After a dubious looking first half that saw the Dallas Mavericks fall behind 16-points, Dallas pulled out a much needed 107-96 win over the Los Angeles Clippers to halt a four-game losing streak. Six players scored in double figures for the Mavs, led by Dirk Nowitzki with 20 points and… wait for it… Corey Brewer! … who had 20 points of his own.


Blake Griffin had 23 points and nine rebounds and Mo Williams dropped 29 points for the Clippers. In addition to the ending of a brutal losing streak, quite a few juicy headlines came from this one.

Turbulence for the Jet: In the second quarter, Jason Terry took a pass from JJ Barea, which led to a turnover and a Clippers bucket. Rick Carlisle then called a timeout and drama ensued. Jet was seen yelling at Barea on the sideline and had to be restrained by teammates and team owner Mark Cuban. Jet didn't return to the game during the half, and even came out late from the locker room for the start of the second half. Jet didn't play the rest of the game, but was visibly and vocally cheering his team on for the majority of his time on the bench. Much more to come on this development…

Missing Kidd: For the second game in a row, Jason Kidd sat out in order to rest those 38-year old legs. With the elder statesman out again, young Roddy B got his second consecutive start at point guard. No surprise there as the Mavs have made it clear that they have point guard aspirations for their young Frenchy. The surprise was that Kidd's absence led to some…

Burn for Brewer: Clearly earning some respect with his play last game against Denver, Corey Brewer got his second start of his Maverick career. The start of his night saw him score Dallas' first six points, and 14 points at the half. He didn't slow down in the second half either as he galvanized the Mavericks in nearly every statistical and intangible category there is. On an evening where a few selfish situations arose for the Mavs, it was a breath of the freshest possible air to see Brewer busting his behind on every single possession to keep the team afloat.

His final stat line?

30 minutes, 8-16 shooting, 20 points, six rebounds (five offensive), four assists, four steals, one block, four turnovers, and a plus-9.

It just got infinitely more difficult for Rick Carlisle to decide on his playoff roster. … and that's not even counting Peja, a non-factor for three quarters before helping to key the fourth-quarter burst with 10 points in the period.

He's ‘Back': Tyson Chandler returned tonight after missing two straight games with a sore back. His initial return didn't see him back for long as he only played the first eight minutes of that half before sitting until the break. The Mavs needed him more than ever though. He toughed it out though in the second half, logging 22 total minutes, 15 points, seven rebounds and some timely defense on the reported Rookie of the Year, Blake Griffin.

Speaking of…

No Kias in Sight, but: Blake Griffin dunked all night long. Well, in the first half at least. Though it may rare for the Clippers to win, it is extremely likely that Big Bad Blake will go off every night. That was the case in the first half, but the work Tyson Chandler did on him as the game progressed allowed the Mavericks to come back from the 16-point deficit and get the win they so desperately needed. Griffin scored 11 in the first quarter but managed just eight more for the rest of the game.

The turning point?!: We're prepped for the Mavs to spin this as they will … example: Jason Terry's volcanic behavior was a "motivating factor.''

It's true that LAC owned a 39-25 lead when the struggling Jet exploded. But having earlier addressed with and other media outlets his coach's wish that he control his temper – and Jason making a bit of a joke of the concern – Terry appeared to not have learned his lesson. Jet lost his temper with a flagrant foul against the Lakers last Thursday, earned an inopportune late-game technical in a loss to Denver, and now lost his cool here.

It might be "nothing'' … but we're not going to pretend it's a positive.

"It's nothing at all, just supporting my teammates in a great game,'' Terry said afterwards in a FS Southwest visit, having hardly broken a sweat. "(Carlisle) said, ‘Get some rest, get back there on Sunday.''

Sounds great. But do it without in-fighting, OK?

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