Tuesday Mavs Donuts: Who To Root For?

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts wraps up a brain-crampy OT win at Houston, helps you calculate what the Mavs need to do to finish 2, 3 or 4 ... And tries to figure out which hated rival we have to now root for ... and against ...

DONUT 1: Let's get started with the calculations ... what the Dallas Mavericks can do/must do and what is about to do down around them:

*With a win against the Hornets and a single Lakers loss in LA's final two games against visiting San Antonio Tuesday night and Sacramento on Wednesday night. Will Pop play to win tonight's game, possibly pushing LA to No. 4, possibly setting up a second-round matchup with the Lakers? Oh, and will Sacto -- where they hate those Lakers -- create a hellish pit on Wednesday in what might be the last-ever game in that town?

DONUT 2: Or ...

The Mavs can still clinch the second seed with a season-closing loss to New Orleans, but would then have to rely on the Lakers losing both of their final two games and the Thunder losing their final contest.

DONUT 3: But ...

How do the Mavs clinch at least the third seed?

If the Thunder loses their finale Wednesday against the Bucks, or the Mavericks win Wednesday against the Hornets they are guaranteed nothing below the third seed.

Got it?

Know who you are rooting for, and hooting against?

For Jet, it's simple: NEVER root for San Antonio. (Check out today's Mavs Quoteboard.)

For me, it's simple, too: NEVER assume what the other team will do. ALWAYS try to win your games, saving nothing for what might happen. I made that point last night on FS Southwest ...

Ah, but oh well. Maybe it's a lesson learned. For next time. Don't OVER-RESPECT the Lakers. Next time.

DONUT 4: Speaking of BBIQ ... Jet, my man, you gotta get that head screwed on.

Jason Terry missed the second of two FTs with one second left in regulation, and when he saw the ball bounding away, out of the reach of the Rockets, he began his celebration. ... because he thought Dallas had WON the game thanks to his first made FT (which actually just tied it). Right?

"No, no, I knew the game was tied up," Terry insisted. "It was a happy reaction that they knocked the ball out of bounds and didn't have an opportunity to get a shot at the basket (after the miss).''


Coach Rick Carlisle, like Jet's teammates (who spend the beginning of OT giggling at Jason's brain cramp) knows better.

"You've got to love a guy who is that enthusiastic after a missed free throw," Rick said.

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DONUT 8: Something else we take for granted around here: Dallas is consistently great as a road team.

The Mavs finished 28-13 on the road. That will at least tie them for the NBA's best. Dallas has held that outright honor four times before in this decade ('01-02, '02-03, '06-07, '09-10).

Consistently terrific. Consistently underappreciated.

DONUT 9: By the way, late Wednesday, after the Hornets game, the NBA will announce the first-round schedule. The only thing we know for certain is Dallas will have a home game, Game 1, either Saturday or Sunday at the AAC. Stay tuned. ... maybe by following me on Twitter at FishSports!

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DONUT 11: Our man MDug crunches some numbers on 'Trix:

Over his last 16 games, Shawn Marion is averaging 16.3 points and 7.3 rebounds while hitting 58 percent of his shots.

Probably a good idea to go ahead and ride him as a primary, top-of-the-totem-pole, big-minutes horse, eh?

DONUT 12: Prof. Carter says some people rub him the wrong way. Like a dyslexic masseuse.


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