Mavs 98, Rockets 91: The Quoteboard

In the end, the Mavs got it together, with a 98-91 OT win. We still don't know where Dallas will land in playoff seeding; we probably won't know until the regular season goes final. Again. As usual. Let's let the fellas talk it out ... as usual!


Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets, briefly . . .
"All night we battled. It was a yo-yo game, back-and-forth type game. The numbers defensively look good. I do think we wore them down and our guys were fresher. We hung together and won the game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We wanted to go out and win this game, and we didn't . . . We battled them right to the end." -Coach Rick Adelman

"We fought, but we came up short. We did everything we could do except for a couple of plays to win the game. They just played better than us for a couple minutes tonight." -Kevin Martin

"It's a win. Houston played great and played hard and gave us a good run." -Jason Kidd

"The defensive stops down the stretch and in overtime won us the game." -Dirk Nowitzki

The last play in regulation -- Chuck Hayes foul on Jason Terry, free-throws for Terry, made the first, missed the second, game tied, going to overtime . . .
"Man, why did I foul? I pumped the brakes a little too late." -Chuck Hayes

"We did everything right until that last (foul). We defended the hell out of it. Chuck just got a little antsy and got caught in the air. That happens." -Coach Rick Adelman

And Terry-- what was Terry doing?
"You gotta love a guy who's that enthusiastic after a missed free throw." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"No no, I knew the game was tied up. It was a happy reaction that they knocked the ball out of bounds and didn't have an opportunity to get a shot at the basket. I was definitely trying to make that free throw." -Jason Terry

"With Jet on the line with one second to go, I'll take that any day." -Dirk Nowitzki

About playing the first overtime of the entire 2010-2011 NBA season . . .
"Fortunately we played some of our best minutes of the game in the overtime, which we were due to do, because we struggled during the game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Well, we're undefeated in overtime." -Jason Terry

Regarding an out-of-character bad shooting night from Dirk -- 8-22 for 23 points . . .
"I didn't really have much going. I thought Chuck did a good job of staying in front of me and then making me take tough shots. Usually I make tough shots, but today I didn't. But we just kept fighting, kept plugging. Jet was big there in overtime and I think ‘Trix has been phenomenal over the last couples of weeks." -Dirk Nowitzki

So much for managing minutes -- Kidd and Dirk both played 39, Tyson 35, Marion 38, Terry 36 . . .
"I might have played five more minutes than we wanted to, but we got the win. So we'll enjoy the day off and get ready for New Orleans. I thought down the stretch it was good for us to be in a tight game just to see how we were going to respond." -Jason Kidd

On a certain dissatisfaction with the way things shook out . . .
"We'll take the positives that we can, but we're not going to be unrealistic about our performance. It was good to get the win, but we can play better and we know that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding the season finale -- New Orleans at Dallas, Wednesday night . . .
"We're gonna be getting some rest here and then getting back out there. New Orleans, they've got our number right now from the last couple of times we played them in New Orleans. So, we're really looking forward to that game." -Jason Terry

Second in the West, with one game left . . .
"If we win out and something lucky happens we'll end up number two . . . Definitely last week we weren't thinking that. But now that it's here upon us." -Jason Terry

"You want to get as high as you can. The positioning and the extra round of home court would be great, but we'll see." -Coach Rick Carlisle

But in order for that to happen, Los Angeles has to lose one. Um . . . go Spurs go?
"No, not necessarily. I never cheer for them." -Jason Terry

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